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An investigation indicates that it was Ukrainian missiles that hit the Konstantinivka market

The attack on the market in this city in Donetsk Oblast was one of the deadliest in recent months. 15 people died, including a child, and more than 30 were injured. The tragedy occurred in broad daylight in a busy shopping area. The strong impact of the missile was recorded on video cameras. In the footage you can see a powerful explosion that caused fires and destroyed several premises and power lines. Photographs of the scene after the attack show that some of the victims had been completely burned. The event took place on September 6, coinciding with the visit of the US Secretary of State to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared a few hours later that “Russian terrorists” were responsible and added that it was an act of “absolute evil.” It was not the first time that Russian forces deliberately attacked civilian areas in that same area, located very close to the war front. During the day, the Kremlin denied its responsibility in the attack and pointed out that the missile came from an area where “exclusively Ukrainian positions are located.”

The American media ‘The New York Times’ states that the evidence they obtained – including satellite images, missile fragments and witness accounts – “strongly suggests that the catastrophic attack was the result of an errant Ukrainian air defense missile fired by a system “Buk” launcher.

electrical faults

The experts cited by the newspaper explain that the Ukrainian missile could have deviated for different reasons such as failures in electronic operation. The direction from which the missile was arriving, according to the video images and the reflections in the cars, would indicate that it was territory controlled by Ukraine. “The resulting crater and damage extending from the detonation point are consistent with a missile coming from a northwesterly route,” an explosives expert tells The New York Times.

Journalists could not easily access the remains of the missile, they say. But they finally got it. In addition, Times reporters, who were in the nearby town of Druzhkivk, about 16 kilometers northwest, recorded in a voice message two launches of surface-to-air missiles towards the Russian front line shortly before the impact on the market. from Konstantinivka.

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