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AMLO vs. Luis María Aguilar: The case of tax evasion for which they point to the minister

The Judiciary was placed on the ‘dock of the accused’ at the conferences of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This Tuesday, the president launched himself again against Minister Luis María Aguilar.

What was the reason? Felix Arturo Medina Padillahead of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, presented three cases in which he assured that the actions of judges or magistrates has prevented the advance of process against large taxpayers they should close to 80 billion pesos to the Public Treasury.

Medina pointed out that these resources are equivalent, for example, to the financing of three years of the Youth Building the Future program.

“If this handful of people paid their due, social programs would improve and we would have more public works”, he stressed.

What is the case involving Luis María Aguilar about?

The case is related to a large company with a national presence that was audited in 2010, 2011 and 2013. The analysis found that this company did not pay taxes for a value of 25 billion pesos.

“The company, abusing its large corporate structure, has operated various legal strategies to challenge and delay the issuance of a sentence that forced to pay taxes”, he detailed.

Medina explained that the company’s strategy with the Nation’s highest judicial body consists of “frequently requesting the exercise of the power of attraction of their affairs under the pretext that they are new and that they are relevant, despite the fact that there are jurisprudence and precedents that the issue has to be resolved as they have already done in collegiate courts.

The fiscal attorney accused that Luis María Aguilar has helped said national company during the last eight months by bringing to the Court the trials that the federal authorities have against that moral person.

“(Luis María Aguilar) asked the Plenary of the Supreme Court and it has been ignored by resolving them without just cause”, added the attorney.

For this reason, Medina Padilla announced that a complaint will be filed for the actions of Minister Aguilar before the Federal Judicial Council (CJF).

AMLO’s criticism of Luis María Aguilar

The president has ‘thrown darts’ at the minister recently for his role in an appeal in favor of the Chihuahuan government to stop the distribution of the new free textbooks from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP).

“(There is) a dishonest minister, I think his name is Luis María Aguilar, that I know is dishonest and very conservativeand a very adversary of ours, resolved that the books not be distributed in Chihuahua”, he said in his ‘morning’ on Monday.

In 2022, the head of the Executive also criticized a project that Minister Aguilar presented in the Supreme Court to limit the informal preventive detention.

“I disagree with that. Of course, we are respectful of what the Supreme Court decides, but look at what they are proposing, that the ‘billkeepers’ can get out of jailThey want impunity for the ‘factureros’”, he commented last October.

With information from Diana Benítez

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