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Amidst the havoc of Corona, more than 10 countries implemented travel restrictions for Chinese travelers

Corona havoc in China


Corona Pandemic in China is once again wreaking havoc. As a result, travelers from China are now facing restrictions from more than a dozen countries. Recently, a new country Australia has been included in this list, which has made Covid negative report necessary for the passengers arriving here. Last month, three years after the coronavirus first emerged in the city of Wuhan, Beijing suddenly began to reverse its “zero COVID policy” of lockdowns and mass testing. Since then, the cases of corona have increased rapidly in China.

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The havoc of Covid can be clearly seen in China hospitals and crematoriums. In recent times, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have also made it mandatory for travelers from China to either have a negative Covid report. Canada cited “limited epidemiological and viral genomic sequence data available” on recent COVID cases in China for the negative COVID report. Meanwhile, Morocco on Saturday banned all arrivals from China. The World Health Organization called the precautionary measures “understandable” given the lack of information on the outbreak from Beijing.

The European branch of the Airports Council International – which represents more than 500 airports in 55 European countries – said the restrictions were not appropriate or risk-based. European countries will meet next week to discuss a joint response to the issue, with incoming EU presidency holder Sweden calling for “a common policy for the whole of the European Union for the introduction of possible entry restrictions”. Is.” Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said on Sunday that she was “willing to provide necessary assistance based on humanitarian concerns,” but did not specify what kind of assistance might be given to Beijing.

In his televised New Year’s address, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave an optimistic address. “The Pandemic prevention and control is entering a new stage… everyone is working resolutely, and the ray of hope is right in front of us,” Xi said in a speech on Saturday. Despite the jump in infections, large crowds still gather for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Shanghai and Wuhan. China on Sunday reported more than 5,100 new infections and one death linked to Covid out of its population of 1.4 billion – but these figures do not match the ground reality.

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