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America will stop “big power war”, said this for the security of NATO…

US reiterates NATO security commitment

Constanta, Romania:

Russia’s attack on Ukraine A senior US general, Mark Miley, on Monday called on US troops stationed in Europe to show commitment to preventing “a major power war”. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of America is visiting Europe. The purpose of his visit is to show NATO that the US is committed to defending Europe during Russian aggression on the eastern edge. NATO member countries, led by the US, have deployed nearly thousands of Russian troops. The deployment comes during Russia’s escalating war with non-NATO member Ukraine.


“We need to make sure that we do our best to support NATO and prevent any future attacks by Russia,” Miley told US troops stationed at an airbase near Constanta in southern Romania. and display resolution faster.

He said that from the beginning of World War I in 1914 to the end of World War II in 1945, 150 million people died. We don’t want this to happen again. About 67,000 US troops are permanently stationed in Europe.

About 15,000 additional troops have been deployed in the past weeks to neighboring countries of Ukraine and Belarus to prevent Russia from advancing.

A total of 2,500 US troops have been deployed in the three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Apart from this, there are 10,000 American soldiers in Poland, 2,400 in Romania, 1,500 in Slovakia, 350 in Bulgaria and 200 in Hungary.

Miley has visited five of these countries very quickly in the last few days.

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