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America: Supreme Court divided over President Joe Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate

Vaccination has become a politically polarizing issue in America. (file photo)

Washington :

The US Supreme Court on Friday appeared divided over the Covid Vaccine or Testing Mandate for President Joe Biden’s businesses. Liberal judges strongly favored and Conservative judges cast doubt on it. However, a majority of the nine judges supported the administration’s decision to require healthcare workers to have their shots in facilities that receive federal funding.


There have been months of appeals to people in America to get a vaccine against Covid-19 and so far more than 8,30,000 people have died in America. Biden announced in September that he was going to make vaccinations mandatory in companies that employ 100 or more workers.

Employees who are not vaccinated will have to submit negative test reports every weekly and wear face masks at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency, has given companies until February 9 to comply with the rules or face the possibility of fines.

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Vaccination has become a politically polarizing issue in the US, where 62 percent of the population has been vaccinated. A coalition of 26 trade unions has filed suit against OSHA rules after the Conservative-dominated Supreme Court agreed to hold emergency hearings and hear arguments about a vaccine mandate for health workers challenged by lawmakers in Republican states. is being given.

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Three liberal judges in the court strongly supported both the mandates. “Why isn’t it necessary to mitigate serious risk,” Justice Elena Kagan asked attorneys representing business unions opposing the policy. He said, “This is an Pandemic in which about one million people have died.” “This is by far the biggest public health threat this country has faced in the last century,” he said.

Scott Keller, a former Texas solicitor general representing trade groups, said requiring a Covid vaccination in companies that employ 100 or more people would prompt many workers to leave the company.


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