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America: 3 people missing, 1000 houses destroyed after massive fire in Colorado forest

In America, 1,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires. (file photo)


Forest fire has reached many towns in Colorado, due to which three people are missing. At the same time, this new episode of natural disasters in America has destroyed about 1,000 homes. “We are very fortunate that we do not have a list of 100 missing, but unfortunately three missing have been confirmed,” Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pele told a press conference. At least 991 homes are believed to have been destroyed by fires outside the state’s largest city, Denver, in the cities of Superior and Louisville on Thursday. At the same time, thousands of people were forced to flee on short notice.


Shocking aerial footage showed streets piled up with ashes, almost everything destroyed but some homes strangely left untouched.

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Pele said the search for the missing has been hampered by the destruction and snow. “The places where these people are located have been completely destroyed and are now covered with about eight inches (20 cm) of snow,” he said.

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Investigators found no credible evidence to support reports that power lines were the cause of the fire. However, investigators have issued a warrant for a search in a particular location. Pele called the investigation very active. Also, it has been described as a partnership of central and state.

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The fire broke out in a dry landscape. It spread on Thursday with winds of more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) per hour.

Governor Jared Polis said it was a disaster in speed, over the course of half a day. Many families had minutes to do anything, put their pets, their kids in the car and drop them off in the blink of an eye.


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