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Ambala: CID personnel used to ‘extort’ for police, Vigilance caught!

Ambala, 31 March (Nice)

The CID department of Ambala Police is also allegedly doing money extortion work for the police. This has come to the fore in a raid of Vigilance. The Vigilance Department has not only nabbed a sub-inspector for allegedly taking bribe but also arrested a CID department employee for ‘setting’ the bribe. The name of the arrested CID employee is Kulwinder Singh while the police has arrested Sub Inspector Rishi Pal Rana for taking a bribe of 20000. The matter is related to the Saha police station of the district.

According to the information, there was a quarrel in the village Sabka last year. In the quarrel, Saha police registered a case of 307 and named many people. It is alleged that Kulwinder Singh of the CID department had allegedly made ‘settings’ with the police to extract the name of a person from the FIR. According to this setting, yesterday 20000 were to be given to the CID personnel. The victim youth had given this information to the Vigilance Department. The Vigilance Department came to the Saha police station and put a raid and caught the CID personnel red handed. The CID personnel told the police that this money was to be given to Rishi Pal Rana, a sub-inspector posted in the police station. That is why the Vigilance Department has also arrested Rishi Pal Rana on the spot.

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