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Alonso, penalized after contact with Ocon

Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso (Alpine) was penalized with five seconds this Saturday after the sprint race of the Brazilian Grand Prixfor his touch in the straight line with his partner Esteban Oconso it will come out 18th instead of 15th.

The Stewards punished the Spaniard after calling both after a sprint in which they had a new clash when they met at the start. Ocon ran Alonso off the line at turn four, with the Spaniard saving the accident narrowly.

However, the double world champion had to pit, giving up his chances of finishing on top and points. After that first run-in, both Alpine cars collided on the straight as well, which was object of sanction because the commissioners verified that Alonso hit Ocon’s car from behind at a higher speed. The Asturian got very angry on the radio.

After passing through the pits, the Spaniard climbed back to 15th position, even surpassing his teammate. The Frenchman, with damage to his car, finished the race 18th and his Alpine caught fire once parked. Finally, with the penalty of five seconds, plus two points on his license, Alonso will start 18th this Sunday.

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