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All the changes that Facebook will make in its algorithm to copy the TikTok formula

It was recently made public that Instagram I planned to deal with TikTok, whose format is increasingly addictive and attractive to young Internet users. Try to do it with the Reels tool, they even encouraged influencers with many followers to use the platform to have more impact.

Shortly after, Meta Platforms continues to manage to position itself as a viable alternative to TikTok.

The parent company is now proposing a new change that in this case will affect the veteran Facebook: give greater visibility to feed to content based on its popularity and theme, to the detriment of those inserted previously published by friends.

Meta faces eight lawsuits for posing a real threat to younger users Zuckerberg brought together his managers to propose completely redesigning the feed, trends are changing and Meta could not be left behind LVD.

TikTok, the great threat of Instagram and Facebook. Photo: AFP.

This data was made public by an internal document of the company that published the site The Verge. It seems that the change will be implemented in the next version of the Facebook platform algorithm. The point is that this idea is really a copy to TikTok performance.

In a late-April internal memo obtained by The Verge, Meta executive in charge of Facebook Tom Alison detailed the plan: Instead of prioritizing posts from accounts people follow, Facebook’s primary feed, like TikTok will start to recommend posts regardless of where they come from.

This will imply that years after the separation of Messenger and Facebook, the two will be reunited. imitating the functionality from TikTok.

Alison acknowledged to The Verge that the company was slow to see the competitive threat of TikTokeven when he initially grew up blanketing Facebook and Instagram with ads.

But now, Meta sees the video app as the social media experience of choice for users, with Alison noting the growing importance of private messaging on TikTok and the introduction of a dedicated tab for watching friends’ videos. “I think what we probably didn’t fully embrace or see is how social this format could be,” she admitted.

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to cut the hegemony of TikTok

It is clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s technology company set out to do something to stop the flight of users who are captivated by TikTok, the platform that continues to generate fury among the youngest. The same ones that until recently frequented Instagram, Snapchat and – a long time ago – Facebook.

The company commanded by Mark Zuckerberg plans to bet heavily on the short and fast video format.  Photo: AFP.

The company commanded by Mark Zuckerberg plans to bet heavily on the short and fast video format. Photo: AFP.

The format of short and quick video that was popularized with TikTok seems like the future and Meta Platforms did not take long to incorporate it into their platforms. This tool is already available on both Instagram and Facebook, but it seems that it has not been enough to face the enormous Chinese competition.

At the beginning of this year 2022, Zuckerberg gathered his managers to propose redesign the feed completelytrends are changing and Meta could not be left behind.

In 2018, relatively recently, the algorithm was already redesigned, but it is now that the real change in the functioning of the Meta platforms arrives.

With information from La Vanguardia.

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