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Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

Since the 1990s, Alicia Villarreal has positioned herself as one of the most popular and beloved regional Mexican music female artists in the industry, since her time at limit group and his solo career.

So much so that he continues to make successful presentations in different states of the Mexican Republic. For example, it is part of the lineup of the Arre HSBC Festival, which will take place on September 9 and 10 at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, in addition to leading the festivities of National Holidays 2023 in Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

Since she was little, Villarreal dreamed of being a singer, and in her youth she began to dabble with some versatile groups.

However, it was with Grupo Límite where the artist made herself known and released hits like ‘Te Aprovechas’, but years later she decided to leave the group and focus on her solo career and her personal life.

The beginnings of Alicia Villarreal in music

Let us remember that, at the beginning of her career, Alicia Villarreal entered professionally when she did a casting for a chorus group who would participate in the recording of a record.

However, the pleasure of the producers was such that she became the lead vocal and recorded two albums, although she was not entirely happy with the results.

Villarreal managed to make a great friendship with producer Juan H. Barrón, who introduced him to Grupo Taurus, which he managed. In 1994, the producer passed away, and two of the members of that group, who turned out to be his neighbors, proposed to him to start a new band.

Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

Alicia Villarreal within Grupo Limite

Limit Group was a group born in 1995although it already had some background and, due to fate, it was that “the spoiled güera” was part of its foundation.

Before being called that, Limit was called Youth Musical Organizationand it was a northern music band, but later they changed to what we know today, where the main voice and leader of the group was the singer.

With Limit he recorded five studio albumsand from the first the group was positioned in the first places of the main music charts in Mexico and the United States, receiving diamond records for the high sales they had.

Among the group’s main hits are, in addition to ‘Te aprovechas’:

  • ‘With the same stone’
  • ‘Oh! dad’
  • ‘With the same stone’
  • ‘I’m like this’
  • ‘Poison’

Alicia Villarreal was in charge of the band until 2003, when they decided to separate and she continued with her career as a soloist, which she began in 2001 and which, in the early years, she led alongside Grupo Límite.

Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

Why did Alicia Villarreal leave Grupo Límite?

Alicia Villarreal was one of the founders of Grupo Límite, a band originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, but their separation was due to various factorsas the same singer has told on various occasions.

For example, in the program The Minute that Changed my Destinyshared that during his time in the group was a victim of machismo and discrimination.

“As a woman I have felt in a race in which men have ruled terribly. I have felt humiliated, crucified, beaten and powerless Because when I wanted to talk, it’s not worth it because I’m a woman, and that happened to me with Límite,” she said.

In another conversation, now with Yordi Rosado, the green-eyed woman also spoke that the disintegration of the group had a lot to do with the immaturity of everyone in general.

Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

“We have to decide what we want because this cannot continue like this, it was a lot of stress and a lot of changes in Límite… In other words, three young partners and 80 people depended on us, up to 100, it was a lot to handle. We got young, we were immature”.

In the same way, he pointed out that his departure from the band hurt him a lot, and compared it to a marital breakdown.

What had hurt me the most in my life was the break with Limit. I swore that the worst thing that had happened to me in my life had been that Limit break because I lived it as if it were a divorce, it hurt me and I can’t explain it,” he added.

Was Alicia Villarreal conditioned in Grupo Límite?

In another interview with windowing of 2018, Alicia Villarreal spoke about the contract he had with Grupo Límite and some clauses related to your physical appearance.

“I could not (me) remove the braces, I had to have a (weight) control, I could not cut my hair. There came a time when I was tired and I wanted to have short hair and do short braids and they told me: ‘No, that’s the image; the public is going to tell you no,’” she recounted. “(I couldn’t) change my hair color either.”

Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

In addition, he shared that he had certain restrictions regarding his personal life, something that she did not agree with.

One rule was not to have a partner or not having children, they even told me: ‘If you have children your voice is going to change, you’re not going to sing the same anymore and you’re going to become more sensitive, you’re going to cry, and you’re going to want to be at home with your children’. The truth did scare me, ”she opened up.

Alicia Villarreal’s personal life: Yes, she was married and had children still in the band

Despite the fact that what she commented on that occasion, the singer from Monterrey yes he made a family life with some of his ex-partners.

For example, in his time in the group married the former soccer player Arturo Carmona in 1998with whom a year later he had his daughter Melanie, although the relationship did not prosper and they divorced in 2001, although he was beginning his career in music as a soloist.

Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

“The divorce with Arturo came and I experienced two duels, almost at the same time. The break with Limit and the break with Arturo, ”she told Yordi.

In 2003 he married Cruz Martínez, who was a member of the Kumbia Kings between 1999 and 2006 and with whom he has been married for 20 years so far. The musicians had two children, Cruz Ángelo and Félix Estéfano.

Alicia Villarreal: What happened to Grupo Límite and why did you leave the band?

Did Alicia Villarreal see Grupo Límite again?

“We haven’t talked to each other for years, when I saw them again, it was when my brother died. I really appreciated it,” he shared. However, he ruled out the possibility of some kind of reunion as a band.

“I have not returned with my ex, because you divorce, cut and tantan; I can get along, but never for me to return to my ex. And I lived (the separation of Limit) as a divorce, it was a duel, ”she sentenced.

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