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Alexandra Pomales celebrates an important moment in her career

Through the game show “The TeleOnce vault”actress and presenter Alexandra Pomales has been able to connect in a different way with the public. Day after day, the communicator appears enthusiastically in front of the space cameras because, as she has repeated on several occasions, doing television national was a dream I had for a long time.

Yesterday, October 31, the performer of “Lucía ‘Lucha’ Gallardo” celebrated one year as co-host of the nighttime program. To celebrate her, Pomales went to her social networks with a message full of gratitude and reflection.

“When I arrived I was a mother of a beautiful 8-month-old baby, I was still in many changes within myself, I felt a lot at the same time. Today, a year has passed, I feel like a more complete woman with my muse and energy focused on God and what inspires me, with a heart full of gratitude for the entire TeleOnce team that has given me the opportunity to be part of ‘The TeleOnce vault,’” he said.

The singer and theater actress also had words of gratitude for each person who has given her “their support, affection, empathy and beautiful energy. José M. Hernández, Lenard Liberman, Luani Mir Pellot and Michell Santiago, thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be part of a program that I love so much.”

In it theater, Pomales has carried out around 10 works. Among them “Frumpled Fairy Tales”, “Rogers & Hammerstein Cinderella”, “The Jungle Book”, “Christmas Carol and Others”, among others. He also participated in the “ArabianNights” show in Orlando, Florida.

Her most remembered role as an actress, however, was played in 2016. The Puerto Rican gave life to “Lucía ‘Lucha’ Gallardo” in the soap opera of Telemundo“Silvana Sin Lana”, starring Carlos Ponce and Maritza Rodríguez.

“I was coming out of a very difficult relationship, so I was going through a lot of personally challenging things, and suddenly I had to get to work to play ‘Lucía’ and she had her life, her things, she couldn’t mix the two, so “It represents a moment where I realized that I was more capable than I thought and that I had spectacular colleagues,” he once revealed to The new day.

The cast member of soap operas such as “El Fantom de Elena” and “La casa de al lado”, also from Telemundo, mentioned that belonging to “Silvana sin Lana” was “fulfilling a mission.” This thought arose because few soap operas occupy the 8:00 pm slot and dominate the audience charts.

“When we found out we looked at each other. I remember that Carlos Ponce and several of the cast were gathered. But we said: ‘we’re going to hit it with everything, we’re going to hit it with everything, we’re going to break it, we’re going to hit it with all our love.’ And it was worth it because he broke the mold. In many countries people still remember her,” she said.

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