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Alexandra Fuentes listens to the needs of the Pediatric Hospital from the medical staff

In a hospital the needs never cease. They are perennial since the call to give the best care and well-being to a patient is essential and vital. Knowing these needs closely is a priority for the presenter Alexandra Fuentesgodmother this year of the Pediatric Hospital Foundation that will have one of its top events this coming Sunday with the return of the sporting event on 10 km from the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge for the benefit of the non-profit organization.

The first approach that the host of the program had “Alexandra at 12” Telemundo with the Pediatric Hospital Foundation it was in 2018 through his son Adrián when they made the play “Hijas de su madre”. His eldest son did not participate in the play he starred in Charytin Goyco, Fuentes and Miranda Bernier Fuentesthe youngest daughter of the entertainer, but she was in charge of the charitable collection for the Pediatric Hospital Foundation due to the great needs of the health institution that cares for a large population of children with multiple conditions and diseases.

“Through the sale of the shirt that Adrián made, we managed to raise about $13,000 and since then we have had the pediatric hospital as part of our heart to help them move forward through the foundation,” said Fuentes, from one of the meeting rooms. entertainment that houses the Pediatric Hospital in San Juan.

The artist visited the hospital in San Juan yesterday, Tuesday, to see first-hand the main needs that are pressing in the institution, whose proceeds from the sporting event will have a direct impact. Fuentes spoke with the director of the Emergency Room, Dr. Jahzel Gonzalez during a tour of the hospital that treats from a simple cold to chronic conditions that require treatments that are only offered in the pediatric institution.

March 29, 2022 San Juan, Puerto Rico Pediatric Hospital Interview with Alexandra Fuentes, godmother of the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge race, which will resume this year to fund the Pediatric Hospital. In the photo, Fuentes shares with groups of interns, nurses and medical personnel inside the Hospital. [email protected] Teresa Canino Rivera ([email protected])

The non-profit organization has a direct impact on the operation of the hospital. The participation of people in the race of the Theodore Moscoso results in health and life for pediatric patients and their families.

“For us, the foundation is like our gem, it is one of the most important things we have. It not only helps the patients, but also the faculty, the nurses, the spaces, the team. So really, in one way or another, every donation that reaches the foundation and reaches our hospital is a benefit to the patients and their families and everyone,” said Dr. González.

The Telemundo presenter inquired with the doctor about what is urgent in the Emergency Room and in other areas of the hospital.

“We need many things. The foundation has always helped us in one way or another. Equipment is often expensive and not readily available. But, for example, we have used foundation equipment to intubate patients, to perform sonographies that also help us in procedures, for stretchers and patient clothing. When patients arrive with their families in times of emergency, at the moment they do not have clothes, utensils such as toothpaste, brush, underwear and the foundation is present. The foundation also helps us with snacks, especially with COVID 19 patients who have to be isolated. The foundation always helps us in so many small or big things, ”said the doctor to questions from the artist.

The director of the Emergency Room specified that the smallest equipment to perform sonograms has a value of more than $25,000. Science and technological advances change frequently so many equipments become obsolete in order to better diagnose and conditions.

“We need equipment to take samples. They don’t need everything. Really, like all the time. science is changing and improving, we have to move forward with science, especially in a hospital. It is so complex, so even if we are improving, we will always want to be up to date and give the best standards to the patients”, specified the pediatrician who told the presenter that she usually makes “a gigantic list” of what the hospital needs and communicates it to the administration.

The artist recognized that the hospital’s health professionals also prioritize the well-being of the patients’ families, for which she has witnessed how much they strive to achieve it in the midst of “complicated and difficult cases.”

Fuentes took advantage of the visit to motivate health professionals to participate in the race. Every time he walked a floor with the spark and energy that he possesses, he motivated the nurses amidst photos and thanks for the work they do on a daily basis.

Dr. González pointed out that she will be one of the thousands that will accompany the cheerleader in the race.

Fuentes has trained with a lot of discipline to run the 10k race. The cheerleader belongs to the “Freddy’s Runners” running group, led by coach Sigfredo “Freddy” Rodríguez. A year and a half ago she adopted the routine of running into her life and now she enjoys doing it.

Fuentes exhibits one of her best physical conditions and as part of her mission as sponsor of the race, she accepted a new challenge from former Major League Baseball player Carlos Delgado. The cheerleader intends to be the last to leave in the race and for “every person Carlos passes him, he will contribute to the foundation,” the artist revealed in a story on Instagram.

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