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Alex DJ confuses the name of Maricao and Cuajo gives him a lesson on the matter

Like everything in life, being in front of the cameras of television it has its challenges. Last night, the presenter of “Puerto Rico wins” of TelemundoAlex Colón, better known as Alex DJ, had a live mix-up that cost him a Social Studies lesson with the puppet Cuajo.

During one of the two-hour game show segments, the host referred to the town of Maricao. Seconds after making the mention, she was silent and remembered that instead of “Maricao” she said “Maricón”.

The error was the reason for laughter and jokes throughout the night space. However, it was in the segment in charge of the puppets “Morci y Cuajo” that Colón was able to clarify what had happened.

“Look, I have a little problem. You know that at school we have the flag class. Now I am learning the towns of Puerto Rico”, began Cuajo.

“That’s very good. You know that you have to learn the names of the towns”, affirmed the charismatic communicator. Later, through some visuals, Alex DJ had to name some municipalities on the island.

watery and Corner They were the first to appear in the dynamics. The public, who already knew the line of the “game”, did not stop laughing.

“I ask you a question. How many towns are there? There are 79 because right now you said a town that I had never heard of. Where is that? Is that one by Las Piedras? Is that a sector or a town?” questioned the puppet.

“Puerto Rico wins” is celebrating after completing four years on the national screen. One of the hallmarks of the production is the integration of educational themes in its games.

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