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Alex Díaz cried “out of frustration” after testing positive for COVID-19 in the middle of his return to KQ105

After a week of having rejoined the Puerto Rican radio waves -through KQ105 FM from Univision Radio– as a substitute for the retired announcer Amos Morales, Alex Díaz reported on his social networks that he will not air for the next seven days after testing positive for COVID-19. So far, the comedian is asymptomatic.

“Why wasn’t I on my radio show today? Well, I’ll tell you … As you all should know, on January 3 (last Monday) I began my work as an official KQ105 announcer Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm This has been something of the utmost importance to me and something that I have been coordinating for months and working hard to make it happen, and we are finally here. I thank you all for your messages of support and affection for my work these days at the station. I also appreciate your calls and words when you call me, as they are of the utmost importance and value to me. As they must also know that I am a man of faith and a believer in a God who can do everything and that within his immense wisdom he knows the perfect moment for his will to be fulfilled and I would never oppose his mandate ”, began the owner of the La Fritanga de Toñita foodtruck in Tampa, Florida.

In the letter, Díaz narrated that last Wednesday a COVID-19 test was carried out after being in contact with a person who had tested positive for the virus. That same day, during the night, the comedian received his result, which came back positive. Immediately, he said, he isolated himself.

“When we got home we did a test on my girls and they came out negative, but even so we are taking precautionary and health measures to avoid any contagion. This is why the company asked me not to return to my work until six days from yesterday (Wednesday) to avoid any setback / contagion to my colleagues, which is totally understandable and acceptable ”, he continued.

The writing, which has hundreds of “likes” on Instagram and the support of friends and colleagues, also reflects the businessman’s discomfort. Even in these circumstances, Díaz has not lost his particular sense of humor and took the opportunity to throw a joke to his followers.

“They don’t know how bad I have felt, but not because of having come out positive, but because of how much I enjoy my job and how long I had waited to be able to do it. I had not written to them before, because I confess my feelings were high and I even cried with frustration, because for me it is something very important and knowing that I have to wait another week gives me incredible sadness. Now that I am much better I write to you and in this way I keep my sanity. He he! For those who wonder, because until now I have not felt any symptoms and to make sure I have been throwing ‘peítos’ all the time to prove that both I and everyone at home have their smell in optimal conditions. In addition, I spoke with my doctor and she recommended that I have another test in several days if I do not have symptoms to check for any possible false positives. I thank you all for your understanding and your prayers so that everything goes well and I can be back at my ‘work’ as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here I am, catching up on my Netflix series and watching my favorite vlogs on YouTube, “he added.

Díaz worked from 2005 to 2012 on the KQ 105 FM station. “Amos is the father of the radio. Thank you for being an example of all of us who work in the radio ”, said Díaz during a meeting with the local media in the Uforia Lounge at The Mall of San Juan.


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