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Alert, sirens and request for refuge in Japan for a missile launched by North Korea that flew over the north of the country

The government of the archipelago deployed a special emergency operation, with warning messages to its population and sound alarms in the cities in danger.

The government of Japan put its citizens on alert this monday after a ballistic missile fired by North Korea fly over their territory again. This is the second time in less than ten days.

According to reports, the projectile passed through the northern part of the country, over the Hokkaido region, for which the Japanese government deployed a special emergency operation: it sent warning messages to its inhabitants through various electronic devices to put on safe and even made sirens sound in some cities exposed to danger.

The message sent by the authorities was spread by local media and it became known through social networks for the publication of an image that showed how the alert was broadcast on a newscast.

“It appears that North Korea has launched a missile. Evacuate inside a building or go to the basement. Area Target: Hokkaido“said the terse statement.

The message spread by the government of Japan in the face of the threat. Photo social networks.

Along with this text, a video went viral in which the civil mermaids that were lit in the areas considered “most vulnerable” to any possible attack.

The same sounded in Hokkaido and Aomori to alert the neighbors so that they would take refuge.

Regarding the missile, the South Korean Army reported that it was fired around 7:23 local time on Tuesday (22:23 GMT on Monday). to the sea of ​​japan.

For its part, the government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that the rocket fell at one point in the Pacific Ocean, unspecified.

“North Korea today launched a missile to the east. This ballistic missile passed over the Tohoku region (northern Japan), and we consider that has fallen into waters outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan around 7:44 (22:44 GMT on Monday), assured the spokesman for the Japanese Executive, Hirokazu Matsuno.

He also pointed out that there were no injuries and that so far have not been reported boat damage missile product.

Likewise, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) detailed, for its part, that it was presumably a “ballistic missile intermediate range” Launched from Jagang province, located in the north of the neighboring country.

Although it is not the first to fly over the territory of the Asian archipelago, it is the first time Japan activates its civil alert system for this reason since September 15, 2017, when another North Korean projectile flew over Hokkaido.

This is the second missile fired by North Korea at Japan in 10 days.

On September 24, another “unspecified” ballistic missile fell in the Sea of ​​Japan. It had also been fired upon from North Korea by the Kim Jong-un’s regime.

The fact had been reported by the South Korean militarywhich specified that the launch occurred two days after a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier arrived in the country to carry out maneuvers described as “defensive.”

According to military sources told the local Yonhap news agency, the missile was fired from the ground and would have fallen outside Japan’s economic exclusion zone.

Given that the incident occurred amid reports that the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, was preparing to launch a “ballistic missile from a submarine“, the Japanese authorities turned on the alerts.

In this regard, the Japanese coast guard confirmed the possible launch of another missile, citing information from the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo, and asked boats in the area keep an eye out.


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