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Alejandro del Valle, majority shareholder of Interjet, linked to process for sexual abuse

A judge in Mexico City linked Alejandro del Valle, the majority shareholder of Interjet, to the process for the crimes of family violence and sexual abuse; In addition, he ordered justified preventive detention that he must serve in a prison in the capital.

In a hearing held today, the Judge considered that the Prosecutor’s Office of the capital provided sufficient evidence to presume Del Valle’s criminal responsibility for the aforementioned crimes committed against his wife and daughter, respectively.

The judge set a period of one month for the closure of the complementary investigation and during that period, both the defense and the capital prosecutor’s office must provide their respective evidence.

Del Valle was arrested on April 5 at the Mexico City International Airport. based on an arrest warrant and was immediately admitted to the Oriente Preventive Prison

The indictment hearing was held over the weekend, but the defense of the owner of Interjet requested an extension of the constitutional term, so the hearing was resumed on Wednesday.

According to official records, the businessman was originally denounced by the mother of his children, a Ukrainian woman, who said that Del Valle abducted the minors, also said she had been a victim of family violence. The complaint was later extended to the crime of rape to the detriment of her youngest daughter.

In 2021 Del Valle was arrested for the crime of generic fraud, related to a loan made to him by the financial company Crédito Real for more than 50 million dollars to acquire shares of Grupo Radiópolis.

In the end, he reached an agreement to repair the damage, so on December 1, 2021 he was released.

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