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Alejandra Cuevas Case: CDMX Prosecutor defends her actions

The fiscalía capitalina defended her actions in the case of Laura Morán and Alejandra Cuevas, whom she charged with the crime of homicide due to lack of care to the detriment of Federico Gertzbrother of the Attorney General of the Republic, Alexander Gertz.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court granted a plain and simple amparo to the women and, with it, deactivated the arrest warrant against Laura and facilitated the immediate release of Alejandra, who was imprisoned for 528 days.

It found that it was wrong to charge Moran Due to the death of Federico, her ex-concubine, Alejandra was given the legal figure of “accessory guarantor”, which does not exist in the law.

In this regard, the capital prosecutor’s office said it respects the Court’s decision, but assured that all its actions have been reviewed by the Judicial Power, guarantor of its legality and constitutionality.

The death of lawyer Federico Gertzbrother of current Attorney General of the Republic, Alexander Gertz, happened in September 2015 in Mexico City, when he was 82 years old. The forensic study pointed to a “generalized visceral congestion” as the cause, due to pneumonia and septic shock due to a back ulcer.

However, his brother Alejandro Gertz Manerowho at that time directed the University of the Americas in Puebla, denounced that this congestion had resulted from the mistreatment inflicted by Federico’s partner and her daughters.

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