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Alberto Fernández’s unusual comment on his meeting with Joe Biden: “We laughed at Donald Trump”

On his return from the trip to the United States, President Alberto Fernandez gave a YouTube streaming interview on the show “The Rebord Method“, and gave details of the meeting with his American counterpart, Joe Bidenin which he made an unusual confession, in the manner of a Chicana: “We laughed at Donald Trump“.

“Both we have a low opinion of trump“, he highlighted about himself and Joe Biden, in an unusual undiplomatic reference. In addition, he said that the meeting was “good and very necessary.” “It was unusual,” he described it.

And explained. “Because, generally, they are limited to a more or less protocol talk between two presidents, but I had asked Biden the first time he was suspended due to Covid that he needed to speak clearly about what was happening to us, what we needed from america“.

In addition, he opined that this meeting had something different from any other that Biden has had with a president. “It’s that he had time to talk to me, and a lot of time to sit the senior staff of his government with the senior staff of ours, and rally the problems what we have. and we were so an hour and a half“.

Alberto Fernández was interviewed by the journalist Tomás Rebord. Photo capture from TV

Fernández noted that this is the fourth time he has spoken with the president, the first being at the G20 in Rome, at the G7 in Munich and the third at the Summit of the Americas.

“We had always had talks of five or ten minutes and sometimes we spoke on the phone,” he stressed, to give substance to the hour and a half of this last meeting. “The truth that allowed us to have a good talk and I definitely think it helped“, he insisted.

“Biden is someone who is very affectionate in his treatment. He is a plain and simple man. He transmits tranquility and affection in his treatment,” he defined his peer, with whom he compared himself and said that he always repeats the same thing: “He says that he and I have something in common, that we inherited a deranged economy from those who preceded us in government and that is why he understands me very well.”

“I think he understands what is happening to me because the same thing happened to him, and he reminds me every time he sees me. That helps a lot, it helps us a lot. The similarities between Macri and Trump are very clear; He perfectly understands the bond they had and have,” she deepened.

And he said that in this sense “he fully understands that the debt that Argentina has was a decision by Trump to favor his friend Macri; that is very clear to him.”

The president recounted that Biden gave instructions to address the problems that he brought to the table.

“What we propose is that we have a complicated 2023 because the drought caused us a very serious fiscal problem. We have to get through this year and for that we need the support of international credit organizations: the IMF, the World Bank and the IDB,” emphasized.

“We need you there to help us. In all three you are majority shareholders and your decision weighs heavily on the group of nations that make up those bodies,” he told Joe Biden.

From his point of view, he found “very good receptivity and very good understanding”. “In fact, so receptive, that in a week he is sending Blinken’s second, the secretary of state, to Argentina to put us to work,” Fernández said.

Vladimir Putin, the war with Ukraine and other uncomfortable laughs

Then he went on to talk about another president, the Russian Vladimir Putin. He recalled his talks before and after the war in Ukraine was launched and he laughed -literally- that I lied to him that he was not going to invade the country. “Putin listens to me but does not answer me“he said about her advice to him,

“I had a three-hour meeting alone with Putin before the war began. Of the final three hours, 45 minutes, he dedicated himself to explaining to me the problem he had with Ukraine, which was basically with NATO, where he saw the risk of to reach the border with Russia,” he explained.

“I told him what I frankly believe, after the pandemic, unleashing a war would be a tragic event. He told me: ‘Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen’. And two weeks later, it happened” Fernandez said.

“The truth that I felt a little disappointed, because I said: ‘He lied to me’“, he counted laughing, evidently tempted on a subject that did not deserve it.

Alberto Fernández gave a long interview on YouTube.

Alberto Fernández gave a long interview on YouTube.

“Later, at the G7 when I was able to speak with (Emmanuel) Macron, he told me that he had spoken to him three days earlier and told him that nothing was going to happen. (Mario) Draghi told me that he had spoken the day before. With what which, lied to all of us“, he detailed.

“I understand that when you’re going to launch a war, you don’t tell everyone about it,” he reiterated, again in a humorous tone and almost like a punchline to a joke.

“When the war started, I spoke two or three times with Putin and each time I told him that he was causing enormous damage to the Southern Hemisphere,” his explanation continued.

Then he said that United States and Europe “have a weird attitudevery supportive of Ukraine, but relative”.

“they support her sending him weapons, but no troops. They help her with IMF loans, I told Biden the other day and Pedro Sánchez in the Dominican Republic. ‘You are very concerned about Ukraine. Now Ukraine and Argentina are lThe two most indebted countries in the world with the IMF and we both pay surcharges. Why don’t they take that away from us too?” he claimed.

However, he clarified that if the NATO powers sent soldiers it would be “the third world war”.

Finally, he assured that he told the Russian president that “this war is affecting Russia’s link with the Southern Hemisphere”, where Fernández believes that the economic effect of the war had a harsher impact.

Putin listens to me, but does not answer me. He says that he did not unleash this war, that the conflict was unleashed by NATO, taking the limits far beyond what was allowed,” added Fernández, on the thesis with which the Russian justifies his invasion.


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