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Alberto Fernández signed the decree and kicked Luis Puenzo out of INCAA

Alberto Fernández has already signed the decree that moves Luis Puenzo to the head of INCAA. The norm, which is published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday, also bears the signature of Tristán Bauer, Minister of Culture, who asked the filmmaker to resign, after the protest in front of the headquarters of the body he chaired, this week.

“The dismissal of Mr. Luis Adalberto PUENZO from the position of President of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FILM AND AUDIOVISUAL ARTS (INCAA), a non-state public entity within the scope of the MINISTRY OF CULTURE, is ordered,” says the brief text, in its first article, with a second of forms.

Thus, the President kicked the director of La Historia Oficial, the first Argentine film to win an Oscar, from his cabinet.

Puenzo’s departure had already been anticipated this Monday when the protest took place at the INCAA headquarters, in the absence of his authority. From there, Bauer had announced that there would be “changes” in the film organization.

But this Tuesday, Puenzo – who had broken off dialogue with his superior – a man from Cristina Kirchner’s Patria Institute – had ignored his departure after Bauer’s words and had left a message for Fernández. “If they told me that the President wants me to stay away from INCAA, I wouldn’t hesitate,” he said in an interview with Clarín.

Tristán Bauer anticipated the departure of Luis Puenzo from the convulsed gates of INCAA. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

The renowned filmmaker had made clear his intentions to continue leading INCAA and, even before the protest broke out in front of his offices, he had sought refuge with the President, with whom he recently met.

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