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Alberto Fernández handed over houses in the City and one of his ministers chicanered Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Alberto Fernández headed this Wednesday an event in Parque Patricios, where he handed over homes from the Procrear program. He was accompanied by the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, who -in the very south of the City- was dispatched with strong criticism against Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Ferraresi, one of the mayors who took leave to assume the national government, was the first to speak in front of the audience of program beneficiaries, who applauded his interventions. But it was not the only melody of the afternoon.

It is that in the background a pot of UVA credit debtors, launched at the beginning of the government of Mauricio Macri. In this context, Ferraresi made a harsh speech against Larreta.

“We are used to talking when the drums sound, they always sound in our acts. So, notice that in this place in Argentina there are two countries“, said the former communal chief of Avellaneda, after briefly reviewing the general guidelines of Procrear.

Jorge Ferraresi criticized Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in a ceremony at Parque Patricios.

“One of those countries made these homes will be started in 2014, but then they were discontinued in 2018. At that time the award was transferred to the City and, through the head of the Buenos Aires government, the same one now, gave them UVA credits, they are those neighbors who are outside today, “he developed his questions.

And he continued with his criticisms. “A country of a head of government who transfers his people and gives them housing to enter a perverse system of relationships between private parties. And this Argentina that you came to ask us to do, Alberto, with work as the best computer,” he said. Ferraresi directed the national president.

Then he searched complicity with a group of neighbors located in the front row to – faithful to the speech of the Frente de Todos before the 2021 elections – to once again highlight the differences between Fernández and Larreta.

“In 20 years you will live here, with a very nice kitchen. Then you will have a talk with your children. They will ask you how you did to have a house. You will tell them that ‘Alberto was as President, I got on the internet, I worked with commissions From each union, they gave me a loan to pay with part of my salary. we will have built a country “, defined Ferraresi.

“Or there may be another talk. You will tell your children that we could not sustain that Argentina and the possibility you have is that the Head of Government, who knows where I am, I send you to the Banco Ciudad and give you a UVA credit. And surely the same thing that happens to these neighbors will happen to them: having an uncertainty due to a political decision, “the minister concluded.

What the president said

After handing over the keys to residents of Parque Patricios, it was Alberto Fernández’s turn, who lowered the decibels and, while underlining the State-market opposition, he avoided directly confronting Larreta.

Alberto Fernández in the delivery of homes to 141 families in Parque Patricios for the Procrear plan.

Alberto Fernández in the delivery of homes to 141 families in Parque Patricios for the Procrear plan.

“I am also fulfilling a dream: that each Argentine can have his home. In the times we live in, it is a right that any human being deserves. And the State must do what is necessary,” began the national president.

Then he looked at the back of the stalls and said a few words “to those who accessed his house for commercial credit.”

“There are times when being able to satisfy certain needs ceases to be a business. Now, the needs exist. The State must appear there. That is why we think of the same Procrear as always, the one that Cristina created, but putting it in its essence: facilitating access on credit to a worker and who can pay it, so that it does not become a problem, “said Fernández.

Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at Parque Patricios in 2016. Photo Dyn Luciano Thieberger

Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at Parque Patricios in 2016. Photo Dyn Luciano Thieberger

And he continued: “The option is to let the market do it. When that happens, the business belongs to someone else, not whoever receives the house. And the State is there to give rights, not to do business.”

Finally, he spoke again to the beneficiaries of Procrear: “There is no better way to end the year than by finding you.” And he closed: “They have fulfilled a dream for me. While we are governing we will only think of you.”

The homes are located in the Buenos Aires Station Urban Development, which has 2,476 homes of between 32 and 114 square meters, of which 92 were built to be suitable for people with disabilities. In addition, it has 935 garages and 73 commercial premises.

It is located “in front of the beautiful field where Argentinos were champion in 2010,” as Fernández recalled. “Champions of the Bicentennial, I can only have affection for the Hurricane field,” he said in another part of his brief speech.

The homes were assigned by means of a general draw and through a process of joint management with the CGT and the CTA.

The Procrear program offers mortgage loans with a maximum term of 30 years with installments that are updated through the Casa Propia formula.

This coefficient takes into account the lowest indicator between the average salary variation of the last year and the average inflation for the same period.



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