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Airspace ground zero

LAST 26 February, two other aircraft, one Mexican and one Russian, challenged the routes of the new redesign of the metropolitan airspace.

That day a Russian freighter from the Northwind company was heading to the CdMx International Airport (AICM) from the northwest. At the same time an Aeromexico plane was approaching from the south.

According to the new accesses that govern Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space (Seneam), designed with the support of the French NavBlue, two approach routes to the AICM are correct.

But from what has been seen, this is not the case, since every day there are more conflicts in that area of ​​the Alvaro Obregón mayor’s office, already famously called “ground zero”, because there they usually meet, either facing or in line to the same altitude, but with smaller separations than required, the aircraft that are heading to the AICM.

What can be said about this incident is that the division of traffic into two arrivals to feed the AICM is a serious mistake, because there is only one possible runway to land, because although they seem like two, because they do not have the required separation, in reality they function as one.

From the analysis of the incident it can be deduced that the air traffic controller did not visualize in time the conflict between the aircraft coming from the north and the one coming from the south, so that, at the last moment, the Russian plane had to make an immediate turn to the right and the controller took it to an area where the minimum altitude is 14,000 feet, but this aircraft was barely ascending to 12,000, since it was coming from below.

As if that were not enough, the controller directed him to an area where he was facing the two aircraft that were coming behind him and something very delicate was that the plane was 600 meters below the minimum regulatory altitude, running an enormous risk.

It is clear that the improvisations of the team that Seneam has today, which he still directs Victor Hernandezare more and more frequent and when trying to resolve a conflict they generate worse ones, as was seen in this case.

This happens by prioritizing loyalty in the Seneam, rather than the ability of air traffic controllers.

Fortunately, the concern of the authorities about what is happening has already transcended and this week the Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, Jorge Arganisyou must tick the name of who will be the new director of Seneam.

It is imperative to take control of this situation.

Among the possible substitutes are the names of Marco Navacurrently in Mazatlan; Mario Hernandezin Monterey, and Victor Cervantes, who decided to retire early, given the disorder that exists among the controllers.

It is also mentioned to Ricardo Torreswho is from the same team as Víctor Hernández and at the time could not help at all to resolve the interaction with Santa Lucía.

Airspace ground zero

IN RESPONSE TO the public complaint filed by Jose Antonio del Valle Torres to the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe Competence Control Prosecutor’s Office investigates whether the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) headed by Alejandro Gertz Manero, improperly declined jurisdiction in investigations for theft of industrial property in favor of the CdMx Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) in the investigations carried out against Coca-Cola. Likewise, the Office of the Prosecutor for the Investigation of Crimes Committed by Public Servants of the FGJCDMX, which manages Ernestina Godoy, opened a new investigation folder in which Go Gaba would have already provided evidence in relation to the irregularities that would have been committed over more than three years by the authorities in the investigation process against the Atlanta soft drink company for the fraud denounced and valued at 345 million dollars, according to the official expert opinion. Del Valle’s lawyers also informed the FGJCDMX of various situations that have endangered the physical integrity of their client. Luiz Enrique de Almeida ResendeVice President of Finance for Coca-Cola in Mexico, and Manuel Arroyo PrietoWorld Marketing Director, continue to be charged with fraud in this criminal proceeding, while Selman Careaga Castroworld president of the Coca-Cola Category has ignored at least three citations in contempt of the Mexican authorities.

IN OCTOBER Last year, the Universal Music Group Mexico label obtained precautionary measures before the 34th Civil Court of the Superior Court of Justice of the CdMx so that, among other topics, the phonograms belonging to Universal about the famous artist were not exploited Christian Nodal, as well as to respect its exclusivity over the rights of the interpreter. Measures that were judicially notified to Sony in the same month of October, and despite this, the company directed by Robert Lopez signed contracts with Nodal and recently released the song entitled “We are not and will not be anymore”, for which it is analyzed that if the precautionary measures had been broken, the Sony Music label would be with an important millionaire contingency for possible damages to the record company Universal Music, commanded here by Antonio Silva.

Airspace ground zero

FINISHED HIS TOUR through three countries in the Middle East -Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates-, where Marcelo Ebrard He was accompanied by Mexican businessmen in an interesting strategy of international economic promotion, now the head of Foreign Relations traveled to India to participate in a series of activities together with other representatives of the private sector. With it I point to Ricardo AmperCEO of Incode; David Aranafounder and CEO of Konfío, and Leticia Roblessenior executive of that same fintech; Hector CardenasCEO and co-founder of Conekta, and Mary Ariza, director of BIVA. Upon her return, and fulfilling the commitment made in recent weeks, Ebrard will meet for the second time with the leadership of the Business Coordinating Council, which heads Francis Cervantes.

Airspace ground zero

YESTERDAY IT WAS FORMALIZED the relief in the presidency of the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Amelaf). In a session of assembly of partners of the 45 laboratories that are part of this group, was elected Luis Verduzco as the new president of the Board of Directors, replacing Arthur Morales, who was in charge for four years. The new leader is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. He is the owner of pioneering laboratories in the national pharmaceutical industry, Vitae and Gelfarma, with more than 50 years of participation in the national market in the manufacture of medicines. During the work of this assembly, John of Villafranca was elected as executive president of Amelaf.

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