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Agustín Rossi, on the Venezuelan-Iranian plane: ‘It will end up verifying what I said, that they fenced me left and right’

The mystery surrounding the Venezuelan-Iranian plane, of which President Alberto Fernández stated that “they wanted to set up a dark movement”, added a new chapter with a reaffirmation by the new head of the AFI, Agustín Rossi, who he got angry in an interview and remarked: “It will end up proving what I said, that they barde me right and left“.

“The certainties are that it’s a commercial plane, which came with a load that was clearly specified in the bill of lading. He is going to end up verifying what I said, that they slammed me left and right, that the number of crew members had to do with the fact that there was also part of the training on this trip that the Venezuelan crew needs,” Rossi repeated this Saturday.

away from the paperwhat the Government does is work on the basis of certainties and Justice is acting,” added the head of the AFI in dialogue with the program “Saturday very early”, of miter radio.

The controversial Iranian-Venezuelan plane. Photo: AP Photo/Sebastian Borsero

“We have a good relationship with Paraguay, we are on the triple border. Justice is acting, from our database We do not have any information that can infer what the Paraguayan minister says conclusively, but in relative terms. I don’t discredit anything. I try to be careful enough. The databases we have do not allow us to say that,” said the former defense minister.

At one point during the interview, the journalist Marcelo Bonelli pointed out that the plane “was not loaded with gasoline because it was on the black list of the financial assets control office of the United States Treasury, which means that you missed the tortoise”.

At that moment, Rossi showed his anger: “How is the turtle going to escape us? Be serious, Marcelo, speak properly.”

In the tense intersection, Bonelli replied: “And if the companies, which is not the Argentine State, do not give it fuel because they are on the treasury’s blacklist.”

listen to me a little, listen to me a little bit”, Rossi stopped him. “Did you find out? Since Obama was president of the United States there has been a commercial, economic and financial blockade on the government of Venezuela. What about Iran? With Venezuela,” the former minister said angrily.

The head of the AFI, Agustín Rossi, was upset with a question about the Venezuelan-Iranian plane.

The head of the AFI, Agustín Rossi, was upset with a question about the Venezuelan-Iranian plane.

“The plane belongs to Conviasa, a Venezuelan government company, which has a number of restrictions as a result of the commercial blockade, economic and financial that the United States has imposed on it. This blockade also punishes those companies that provide logistical support, that’s why the oil companies didn’t charge himRossi explained.

They did not detect anything irregular. They looked at that record and said we are going to preserve our interests and we are not going to charge it,” added the head of the AFI.

In turn, he pointed to the opposition: “A number of senseless operations have been mounted. The problem is the circus that has been armed between opponents and media sectors in Argentina. The company is not loose of papers, like the entire Venezuelan State and the companies that are part of the State, they have a financial and commercial economic restriction from the United States.”

“Don’t worry, until today everything is in order and Argentina is investigating and the Justice is acting,” he concluded.

Alberto Fernández gave his opinion on the Venezuelan-Iranian plane

While the investigation progresses to determine what the Venezuelan-Iranian plane seized in Ezeiza came to do in the region, President Alberto Fernández affirmed that the opposition “tried to take advantage” of the issue and considered that “they wanted to show something that is not”.

“The truth is that they wanted to show something that is not…some dark thing, some dark government movement, which acted quickly and absolutely everyone has said so. But well, since it is the opposition, it tried to take advantage of it,” Fernández said in statements to radius 10.

In that framework, the President criticized the opposition leaders for linking what happened “with events as painful as the attack on the AMIA” and stressed: “Some even dared to file a complaint for terrorism. But hey, these are the things that unfortunately we have to live with in today’s Argentina. It’s part of the madness that is experienced from part of Argentine politics”.


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