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Agreement with the IMF: the proposal of ‘freedom of action’ further stresses the blocks of the Front of All

The splinters of the explosion generated by Máximo Kirchner’s slam at the head of the official bloc of Deputies are still being felt and the outcome is uncertain. Freedom of action against the vote of the agreement with the IMF, or not? That is the question in the Front of All. Behind the banner of unity, the speech is one of consensus. But the final decision, the legislators themselves assure, exceeds them and It will depend on the agreement, or not, reached by the first line of leadership of the coalition.

“If there is freedom of action on an issue like this, that’s it, it’s an unrecoverable exposed fracture. The end of the alliance of All”, says a concerned legislator. “After Máximo’s letter, there is no way to accompany and vote all together. At most it will be abstention. But the agreement is going to come out the same, with the support of the opposition, ”says another, removing drama.

For now, a lot of noise and few certainties. President Alberto Fernández and Minister Martín Guzmán himself are outside the country. The deputy, Cristina Kirchner, remains silent and Sergio Massa – who helped in the negotiations with Washington and highlighted the understanding – works to reconfigure a new, broader table to lead the FdT bloc in the Lower House together with the replacement of Máximo , German Martinez.

Martínez repeated almost like a mantra that “consensus will be sought” on the IMF issue. “For the poroteo missing, now we have to talk a lot between us and debate internally to try to reach the greatest possible consensus,” he assured Clarín as soon as he assumed.

Massista Cecilia Moreau, vice president of the caucus and who has a good relationship with Máximo, explained that the head of the Cámpora “did not feel contained” but that he is not going to “obstruct or influence anyone’s decision.”

“I don’t know what La Cámpora is going to do as an organization, I do know that we have colleagues within the diversity of the FdT who are in favor of the agreement as it is, without conditions, and there are others who have differences, concerns and situations,” he acknowledged. in an interview with Futurock.

consulted by Clarionadded: “It is political debate not freedom of action. Everything will be discussed. Topics are always discussed and then no one puts a gun to a colleague’s head to make them vote for one thing or another. We are all political leaders part of this government. A lot of dialogue, joint work, personal respect and political leadership.”

“The freedom of action, or not, will also be the reason for the internal agreement that is reached. I was a candidate for deputy on Alberto Fernández’s ticket. I represent him, my governor of Entre Ríos, the mayors. I do not have to wait for a directive or ask. I am clear about the need to support this agreement in order to move forward, “says legislator Marcelo Casaretto.

And adds: “We are a country project, a government coalition, not a testimonial force.”

His vision represents that of the bulk of the deputies of the provinces and their governors.

However, there is a sector with political ambitions for the future that would prefer not to be “stuck” by voting for this agreement, but who prioritize “party obedience.” They are the ones who see the worst that there ends up being “freedom of action”.

“They want to have the flag of ‘I did not vote for this agreement’ ready to stand out in the future and save themselves. What they do not understand is that we are all in Alberto’s ship, if he sinks we all sink,” says a Peronist.

Many agree that the closer to next year’s election, the more personalisms will emerge. However, faced with a united Together for Change, there is no margin, they recognize, to break. Unity must prevail.

Meanwhile, the possibility of a first block meeting, all together, with the new block president, is not yet on the agenda.


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