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Agreement with the IMF: Lousteau advances that there is support in the Senate but criticizes Cristina Kirchner for being ‘capable of generating suffering’

After 13 hours of debate, Deputies approved by a large majority the project agreed between the Government and the opposition to guarantee only the refinancing of the debt with the IMF, it was barely turned over for treatment in the Senate, Martín Lousteau, anticipated that there will be support in the Upper House but criticized Cristina Kirchner: “It is generating a very bad climate in the Senate“.

The radical senator was very critical of the vice president, after the former president posted a video with the damage to his office and his criticism of the IMF. “It is generating a very bad climate in the Senate where the agreement will still be approved to avoid all Argentines the catastrophic implications of a default,” said Lousteau.

In order to obtain a political benefit, speculating politically is capable of generating suffering. in the others. Yesterday we said something very responsible, which is no to default, no to violence and no to default, she is preventing Argentina from starting to work in another way,” added the economist, who was Cristina Kirchner’s minister between the end of 2007 and 2008. .

“At the moment that Máximo breaks up and is no longer at the negotiating table, we were all able to work out an agreement so that Argentina does not fall into default. Obviously I repudiate all violence against the police, against Congress and her office, something that she does not do in the video, she does not repudiate the general violence, she repudiates the violence against her”, she highlighted in dialogue with radio miter.

“Cristina Kirchner presented herself in a presidential ticket, and when she did, she knew that one of the issues that had to be resolved was credit with the Monetary Fund. For two years she allowed negotiations and the government says that this is a good agreement, that it has no structural reforms, that it has no adjustment and she also releases this video, his son Máximo votes against, his deputies vote against“, he added.

“She kept saying that it is not the party of default, but the increasingly smaller space that she has is the space of default, because if this agreement does not satisfy her, it means that she intended from the beginning to fall into default,” remarked the national senator.

“We did a great job within Together for Change and we were able to go collectively with the ruling party to negotiate. We are going to approve it, we do not want Argentina to go through a default,” concluded Lousteau.

The radical senator Martín Lousteau crossed Cristina Kirchner very hard. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

How the deputies of Together for Change voted

The vote in Deputies ended with 202 votes in favor, 37 negative and 13 abstentions so that the project sent by the Executive obtained half sanction.

Among the deputies of the Together for Change alliance, support for the agreement with the international organization was also majority. At the time of the vote, in the main opposition space there was only one negative vote, that of the economist Ricardo López Murphy.

Deputies approved by majority the agreement between the government and the IMF.  Photo: Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

Deputies approved by majority the agreement between the government and the IMF. Photo: Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

There were also four other deputies who avoided supporting the agreement with the IMF but were directly absent at the time of the vote: they are PRO legislators Fernando Iglesias, Francisco Sánchez, Martín Maquieyra and Héctor Stéfani.

The long list of deputies from Together for Change who voted in favor of the agreement with the Fund is made up of all radicalism, the Civic Coalition and the majority of the PRO.

That list of PRO legislators who voted affirmatively is made up of 45 deputies. The block has Cristian Ritondo as president and he was joined by Sabrina Ajmechet, Federico Angelini, Alberto Asseff, Karina Bachey, Héctor Baldassi, Gabriela Besana, Sofia Brambilla, Gabriel Chumpitaz, Virginia Cornejo and Camila Crescimbeni.

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agreement with the IMF,
who voted against and who abstained

The “NO” united Máximo Kirchner and the left with Milei, Espert and López Murphy. What did the trade union members who are deputies do?

Source: HCD
Infographic: Clarion

The project was also accompanied by the PRO Omar de Marchi, Soher El Sukaria, Germana Figueroa Casas, Alejandro Finocchiaro, Federico Frigerio, Rogelio Frigerio, Álvaro González, Gustavo Hin, Ingrid Jetter, María De Las Mercedes Joury, Florencia Klipauka Lewtak, Luciano Laspina, Hernán Lombardi, Silvia Lospennato, Álvaro Martínez and Gerardo Milman.

The list of Republican Proposal legislators who voted affirmatively is completed by Victoria Morales Gorleri, José Núñez, Graciela Ocaña, Marilú Quiroz, María Lujan Rey, Dina Rezinovsky, Laura Rodríguez Machado, Ana Clara Romero, Adriana Ruarte, Diego Santilli, Gustavo Santos, Alfredo Schiavoni, María Sotolano Matías Taccetta, Pablo Tonelli, Pablo Torello, Aníbal Tortoriello, María Eugenia Vidal and Waldo Wolff.

For the UCR, which has Mario Negri as head of the Block, Manuel Aguirre, Martín Arjol, Licia Ascarate, Karina Banfi, Mario Barletta, Miguel Bazze, Gustavo Bouhid, Ricardo Buryaile, Marcos Carasso, Fernando Carbajal, Soledad also voted. Carrizo, Gerardo Cipolini, Julio Cobos and Marcela Coli.

Also voting in favor were Pedro Galimberti, Ximena García, Jimena Latorre, Gabriela Lena, Facundo Manes, Juan Martin, Francisco Monti, Miguel Nanni, Lisandro Nieri, Juan Polini, Fabio Quetglas, Roxana Reyes, Jorge Rizzotti, Víctor Romero, Sebastián Salvador, Roberto Sanchez, Jorge Vara, and Pamela Verasay.

The other radical deputies who supported the agreement are those of Radical Evolution: Marcela Antola, Martin Berhongaray, Ana Carla Carrizo, Pablo Cervi, Rodrigo De Loredo, Dolores Martínez, Danya Tavela, María Victoria Tejeda, Martín Tetaz and Emiliano Yacobitti.

For its part, the Civic Coalition, whose block holder is Juan Manuel López, supported the refinancing project with the votes of Victoria Borrego, Marcela Campagnoli, Laura Castets, Maximiliano Ferraro, Mónica Frade, Ruben Manzi, Leonor Martínez Villada, Paula Oliveto and Mariana Zuvic.

Margarita Stolbizer, Domingo Amaya, Sebastián García De Luca and Emilio Monzó, from Encuentro Federal, also voted in favor of the project promoted by the Executive. In addition, Susana Laciar and Humberto Orrego, from Production and Labor, voted affirmatively; Paula Omodeo, from the CREO party; Claudio Poggi, for Avanza San Luis and Carlos Zapata, of Ahora Patria.

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