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Agreement with the IMF: in the middle of the negotiations, the national table of Together for Change meets

In the midst of open negotiations with the ruling party, the members of the national table of Together for Change define in a virtual meeting position against the agreement with the IMF. Deputies of the PRO, radicalism and the Civic Coalition negotiated with Sergio Massa a proposal to modify the text and endorse the refinancing of the debt, without commenting on the economic program to meet the goals agreed by Martín Guzmán with the agency.

Legislators who were participating in the plenary session of the Budget and Finance committees left the room to connect to the meeting. After analyzing with Alberto Fernández the response to the opponents in the Casa Rosada, Massa returned to Congress this afternoon with the purpose of advance with an agreement to sign an opinion with the support of at least one sector of Together for Change.

According to official sources, Germán Martínez – Máximo Kirchner’s successor at the head of the Frente de Todos bloc – prepared a wording contemplating part of the opposition initiatives to seek the approval of the President -Guzmán opposed the greatest resistance- and close the negotiations before the end of the plenary session.

Since noon on Tuesday, Mario Negri, Cristian Ritondo, Luciano Laspina, Juan López and Rodrigo de Loredo, among other deputies from Together for Change, have been holding meetings and exchanging calls with Massa, Martínez and other members of the Frente de Todos.

In parallel, the referents of the national table will try to unify a position. In something they found coincidences: approve the indebtedness to avoid default, without validating the details of the economic policy negotiated with the IMF. The most aligned wording in this sense would be a single article to authorize the refinancing. Another possibility will be that the annexes remain only “for information” or present their own opinion.

In the event that the ruling party does not withdraw the program, the positions are bifurcated. Gerardo Morales, head of the UCR, expressed a strong support to the agreement in his presentation on Tuesday before the plenary. He even questioned the “hawks” and there were crosses between radicals and members of the PRO in the room.

Even so, in the block led by Negri, aligned with Morales, they maintained the condition of removing the annexes to vote in general in favor of the project. The Civic Coalition was also in favor of accompanying the agreement. The bench of Evolution referenced in Martín Lousteau took a more critical stance, unlike the official space of the UCR.

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