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Agreement with the IMF: Alfredo de Angeli ruled out that Together for Change modifies its vote due to an increase in withholdings

The national senator Alfredo de Angeli ratified this Monday that Together for Change will vote in the Senate to approve the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) even if the national government decides to increase the withholdings on agricultural exports.

“I think it will be very similar to Deputies in the numbers. We have to make a statement, several of our senators, because all they do is blame (Mauricio) Macri for the Fund’s debt. But the fact that it is arranged with the Fund does not end the problems of the Argentines,” said De Angeli during an interview on radio La Red.

Despite noting that the opposition bloc will adopt the same position in the Senate that it had in the Chamber of Deputies, the rural leader did not fail to point out his criticism of the government of President Alberto Fernández.

“Soybean oil and meal exports are being increased by two points, something we are against, because the national government needs to collect, and yet the director of PAMI is taking people, enlarging the State. There is total incoherence on the part of the national government,” she added.

De Angeli referred to the surprise measure announced on Sunday by the Ministry of Agriculture, which closed the registry of export affidavits for soybean meal and soybean oil.

The measure was taken just at the start of the harvest and to prevent production from going away, and according to analysts and agricultural producers it is only the prelude to an increase in the export tax on these products.

The opposition senator chose a jacket expression to paint the current situation in rural areas. “The field is alert as the chajá“, said.

“This brings a lot of uncertainty. In the field, mainly, which has to be planned six months in advance, this government comes out from one day to the next with measures that burden the tax part, that sharpen taxes. This brings uncertainty for the production sector“, stressed the legislator.

Despite the criticism, de Angeli ratified that when the Senate meets this week to vote on the agreement with the IMF, the bloc of Together for Change will supporteven if an increase in withholdings is announced.

“I think not (the vote will change), because beyond that everything has to do with all of us responsibly in the opposition we are not going to let the country fall into default. We have that clear”, declared the senator from Entre Ríos.

And for the end he left one more criticism of the Government. “There are some who increasing the withholdings they think they are going to solve the problem of the Argentines. Here the big problem is the inflation that exists, and the great tax burden that there is on food,” she concluded.


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