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Agreement reached between Corinne Deacon and the French Football Federation for the breach of her contract

For the past month, the French Football Federation (FFF) has employed two people in the same position: that of coach of the women’s national team. Hervé Renard, recruited on March 30, is under contract until the summer of 2024. However, his predecessor, Corinne Deacon, dismissed from her duties on March 9 following a rebellion by several key players, was still under contract with the FFF, until August 10, 2024.

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Mr.’s lawyerme Deacon, M.e Christophe Ayela, announced on Tuesday April 25 that an agreement had finally been reached between the two parties to put an end to this strange situation, thus confirming information from The Team.

The arrangement, obviously financial, is important. But well below the first requirements of the former coach – nearly 6 million euros in total -, relayed by his council in a letter to the council of the FFF, on April 6, mentioned by L’Equipe.

“His dismissal took place under abnormal conditions. This causes extremely significant additional harm. We keep her as a selector and we exempt her from activity. Psychologically, it’s unbearable. This mail is made to provoke a discussion. There’s no reason we can’t find an agreement.”had then argued Me Ayela to put pressure on her client’s employer.

A percentage of premiums

The agreement reached provides for the FFF to pay her salaries (she receives 350,000 euros gross per year) until the end of her CDD, but also to give her an additional year for the damage suffered.

His starting envelope is also inflated by an amount corresponding to an estimate of “a loss of chance” – including a percentage of the bonuses provided for in his contract in the event of a title at the next World Cup (from July 20 to August 20, 2023) or an Olympic medal in the summer of 2024 in Paris.

She will therefore receive 870,000 euros, her lawyer told Agence France-Presse. “Corinne Deacon is relieved by this agreement, which allows her to turn the page and move on to new projects in the world of football.he explained, It is an agreement that marks the respect due to him for his sporting results in the France team. »

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