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Agreement between Argentina and Colombia to overcome the bilateral conflict after the strong confrontations between Javier Milei and Gustavo Petro

With a joint statement and a mutual gesture between the chancelleries of Argentina and Colombiaboth governments seek to remedy the bilateral conflict that occurred in the last sayings of Javier Milei about President Gustavo Petro, whom he had called a “murderous terrorist.”

“The Colombian Government has given instructions for Ambassador Camilo Romero to return to Buenos Aires, while granting the “I welcome the new Ambassador proposed by the Argentine Government in Bogotá”maintains the statement issued this Sunday at the last minute.

Additionally, it was announced visit of Foreign Minister Diana Mondino to Colombia.

The Argentine ambassador appointed but who had been left in limbo and without pleasure due to the Milei and Petro clashes is Mario Verón Guerra, who must replace the outgoing Gustavo Dzugalastill in Bogotá.

Mondino risked everything to rebuild the battered bond and He spoke three times this weekend with his peer Luis Gilberto Murillo. In addition, there were other calls between Vice Chancellor Leopoldo Sahores and his counterpart Francisco Coy.

The statement also marks the desire of Presidents Milei and Petro to stop your insults. It will be necessary to see if they comply taking into account their differences and their personalities.

The new escalation was due to the preview of an interview with Milei last week on CNN, in which the President was seen saying again that Petro was a “murderous terrorist.” in relation to his guerrilla past.

For this reason, the Colombian Government ordered the expulsion of Argentine diplomats accredited in Bogotá, in the midst of an escalation that had exploded in January when Milei first said that Petro was a “murderous communist who was sinking Colombia.” At that moment Petro He called his ambassador Camilo Romero for consultations, who never returned to Buenos Aires.

As he knew Clarion from very high sources, Until late this Sunday night, the authorities of the Argentine Foreign Ministry were awaiting the attitude of their Colombian counterpart, who He waited to see Milei’s entire interview with CNN in Spanish to take the next step. That is to say, here they did not know what attitude the Colombians were going to take, although they always had a clue.

If Milei said something else against Petro in the report, it is possible that the decision to make a joint statement with a “happy ending” it would not have taken place.

But at the same time, the Colombians were giving a signal that there was room for negotiation because They never explained which diplomats had to leave or with what deadlines.

Although the Colombian Minister of the Interior began to demand an apology from Milei, the Argentine president and his followers on Twitter remembered with certainty that Petro had compared him to Hitler. In reality they had several crossings and all through statements through the media and social networks.

“The decision of each country and the sayings of each president are their own. We must not confuse the nation with the president. It is not an issue that affects long-term relations,” Mondino said on TN on Thursday.

Colombia It is the second destination for automobile exports after Brazil, and Argentine wine sales are growing notably there.

In Colombia they are Mercado Libre, Pescarmona, Globant, Techint and medium-sized companies of this country that provide service to the local oil industry. And it is a country that at the political, police and immigration level Share valuable and sensitive information with Argentina due to the growth of international organized crime.

The joint statement this Sunday night also recalled: “The Colombian and Argentine diasporas that reside in both countries: students, workers, businessmen and families, have built this relationship and are its main support. “Both governments will continue working for the well-being of these populations.”.

“A few days after the 201st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Colombia They ratify the importance of maintaining good relations and maintain their desire to strengthen ties that unite both countries,” the statement concludes.

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