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After the shooting attack against militants, the Church warned in La Matanza about a climate of violence

Several social leaders, from Pérsico to Alderete, and some opposition figures were present at a Mass for Peace.

In the populous Buenos Aires party of The slaughterafter the attack suffered by militants of the Evita Movement, presumably by supporters of the mayor fernando espinozathe Church warned that “We are in a violent society” caused by “injustice, hunger, the lack of dignity, the impotence against corruption”but also “because of intolerance and the lack of dialogue.”

It was through the mouth of the bishop of San Justo, edward garciaduring the Mass for Peace and Democratic Coexistence that he officiated in the local cathedral and that brought together mainly social referentsbut also to exponents of the ruling party and the opposition, although without the presence of President Alberto Fernández and Deputy Máximo Kirchner, despite the fact that they were invited by the Evita Movement.

Last week Evita militants were beaten and threatened with firearms when they painted graffiti in favor of the provincial deputy Patricia “la Colo” Cubría – confronted in the Peronist internship with the Espinoza sector – by a mob allegedly linked to the mayor of La Matanza, which led to a legal complaint from the social movement and the request for a mass.

In addition to the leader of the Evita Movement, emilio persicoThe religious service was attended by the Secretary for Relations with Civil Society of the Cabinet Office, Fernando “Chino” Navarro; the general secretary of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), Esteban “Gringo” Castroand the national deputy and benchmark of the Classist and Combative Current Juan Carlos Alderete.

The Minister of Human Development and Habitat of the Government of Buenos Aires, Maria Miglioreand Gustavo Acevedo, representative for ecumenical relations of Deputy Diego Santilli, together with Pastor Eduardo Sáenz, as well as councilors from the Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambio, and business, union and social leaders from the La Matanza party.

In his homily, Monsignor García highlighted the plurality of the call and, in reference to the attack suffered by members of Evita, he affirmed that “without dismissing what happened a few days ago, which, without a doubt, deserves our greatest repudiation, we are aware that it is just another manifestation that we are in a violent society”.

“We live the everyday violence that generates the unsafetythe subsidized violence that our neighborhoods experience because of drugs, where the kids drop like flies, the legal violence of burning mattresses and destroying picnic areas for the poorest who are looking for a place to live and a plate of food”, he pointed out. the bishop.

He added that “we also experience the violence of contempt for life, like recently when we mourned the death of a teacher from Luzuriaga, a year ago that of the Ramos newsstand, and a little later that of the psychologist from the same neighborhood at the door of the his house, without naming that of all those who die anonymously”.

“There is the violence that causes injustice, hunger, lack of dignity, impotence in the face of corruption, but there is also that which is generated by intolerance and the inability to dialogue,” García stressed, mentioning a constant concern of the Church, product of a crack that prevents agreements.

He added “media violence, where every day we are spectators and consumers of public insultsinsults to those who are not on my side, contempt for different thinking, aggressive disqualifications of those who propose different alternatives to common problems”.

After warning that “the present is turning dark for us,” he nonetheless noted that “all clouds can only be cleared if we fly high, if we find the courage within our hearts to assume our own responsibilities.”

“But also,” he added, demanding our political leaders to act from social friendship, which is the only path to stable and true peace”.


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