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After the plane crash, 4 children found alive after 40 days in the dangerous jungles of Amazon, know how they survived


Four indigenous children missing more than a month after a plane crash in the Colombian Amazon rainforest were found alive. According to the information, during this time those children survived by eating tuber roots and wild fruits. According to the National Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia (OPIAC), these children of Colombia are connected with the natural environment, due to which they could survive for so long.

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Significantly, the children – originally from the Huetoto indigenous group – were aged 13, 9, 4 and 1. President Gustavo Petro himself had informed about the meeting of the children on Friday. Videos shared by Colombia’s Defense Ministry late on Friday showed the children being taken away in a helicopter. Originally the children of the Huatoto indigenous group were shown. Since May 1, these children were wandering alone in the forest.

Let us tell that this accident happened when the plane was going towards the city of San Jose del Guaviare. Shortly after take-off, the pilot reported engine trouble. In this accident, the bodies of the pilot of the plane, the mother of the children and a local indigenous leader were found at the crash site. According to information, the area in the forest where the children were rescued is home to jaguars, snakes and other predators as well as armed drug smuggling groups.

While rescuing the children, the team broadcast a message recorded by the children’s grandmother in the forest. In which he was appealed not to wander here and there. The children of Huetoto know how to hunt and fish. Their family members had told that these children were well-acquainted with the forests.

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