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After the meeting with the Pope, Milei shared a series of messages against Lali Espósito on social media

Although he is in Italy, where this Sunday he participated in the canonization ceremony of Mama Antula, the first saint of Argentina, in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Javier Milei He made time to follow the Argentine news on the musical level. In that sense, The President echoed several messages against the singer Lali Espósito after she said in the middle of a show in Cosquín Rock that she does not live off the State.

The former Casi Ángeles has repeatedly suggested who does not agree with the libertarian’s policies. Milei’s virtual militancy, for its part, systematically criticized her on social networks.

This Saturday night, within the framework of her presentation at the Cosquín Rock festival, the actress also dedicated a few minutes to reflect on the harassment received by those who They accuse her of collecting large amounts of money paid by provincial and municipal governments for their shows.

Before starting to interpret one of his songs, he said: “This song is for the liars, the stupid, the bad people, the ones who don’t value, the anti-country… Everyone.”

In another part of her show, the artist also changed the lyrics of one of her songs. “What if I smoke, what if I live, what if I say. “That if I drink, that if I have kissed so many,” reads the original version of “Who are they?”.


The singer changed the lyrics to her song “Who are they?” after receiving new questions from Javier Milei on networks.

On the other hand, in Cosquín Rock, Lali sang: “That I smoke, that I live, that I drink, that I live off the State,” getting a standing ovation from the people.

Javier Milei’s response to Lali Espósito

Despite the distance, The President came out to respond to Espósito, in her own way: through social networks and in the form of adhering to messages from others who question her in harsh terms.

Between news about his greeting with Francisco, the canonization of Mama Antula and the repercussions of his tour of Israel, the Vatican and Italy, the President shared messages from accounts of x that do not respond to a physical subject, but are understood to belong to users who hide behind fictitious names.

Javier Milei responded, in his own way, to Lali Espósito’s criticism. Photo Filippo Monteforte / AFP

Thus, publicly, he shared on his account x messages where Espósito is accused of receiving millionaire figures from provinces such as La Rioja, Neuquén and Río Negroalong with the video taken in Cosquín Rock where he criticizes libertarians.

In another message, published on the account @mujergrisxd, the singer is described as “Kirchnerist militant”it is stated that she charged $350,000 for the show and that she says, in any case, that “she does not receive money from the State. “She calls those who voted for Milei and who don’t think like her a liar and anti-country. “The bench to Lali Esposito?”concludes the publication that opens the debate to other users.

Another idea that is insisted on in the messages shared by Milei is that Espósito, by collecting money from the State for her shows, is paid by all taxpayers, even by “the poor man who does not eat.”

The singer, for the moment, did not comment on the issue again.

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