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After the half-sanction of Deputies, the Senate speeds up the treatment of the changes in Profits and wants an express procedure

After obtaining the half-sanction of Deputies, Kirchnerism in the Senate is speeding up the treatment of the Income Tax reform project promoted by the minister and candidate Sergio Massa that eliminates the fourth category with a strong fiscal impact.

Less than 24 hours after it was approved by Deputies, the Budget commission, chaired by Ricardo Guerra, was convened for this Thursday at 4 p.m. with the intention of ruling and discussing it in the chamber next week with all pending projects.

In principle, a tentative date for the debate would be September 28, since the legislative deadlines would be met.

In the Chamber of Deputies, the proposal was approved this Tuesday with the presence of the co-heads of the CGT, Héctor Daer, Carlos Acuña and Pablo Moyano in the boxes together with the Minister of Economy. The proposal garnered 135 votes in favor and 103 against and this Wednesday it entered the Senate, where it was quickly moved to committee.

The project, which in addition to the vote of the Frente de Todos, had the support of the libertarian Javier Milei and the members of his space, the Frente de Izquierda, Provincias Unidas and partial support from the dissident Peronists of the Federal interbloc. The elected governors Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz) and Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén) also supported it.

From the bloc led by José Mayans there is a firm intention to issue an opinion in an express process similar to that of Deputies, where the proposal obtained half a sanction less than a week after entering Congress.

The ruling party is pressed for time because unlike Deputies, in the Senate they must wait a week to be able to take it to the premises. That is why it was already decided to summon the Budget committee for tomorrow to discuss the Profit proposal and also the UVA credits project, which had been pending ruling.

The objective of the Frente de Todos is to call a session for next week, possibly on Thursday the 28th, with an agenda that includes Profits and the modification of the Rental Law, which if the majority opinion of the Senate is approved should return to Deputies , since changes were made to the project that obtained the half sanction at the end of August.

Meanwhile, the initiative that eliminates the fourth category of Profits and that the opposition labeled as the new silver plan of Kirchnerism will have a strong fiscal impact of up to $3 trillion, equivalent to 0.83 points of GDP. In the presentation of the project, the Government raised the possibility of creating new taxes such as charging personal property to those who have fields abroad and insisting that judges and prosecutors pay profits.

The Income Tax, which would be called the “Higher Income” tax, will only be paid by those who obtain monthly income higher than the new tax floor, which was set at 1,770,000 pesos, although with the update of the minimum wage it will be would rise to $2 million.

This is a universe made up of some 80,000 taxpayers, among whom they hold positions of CEO’s (general managers), management, deputy management and qualified positions, as well as privileged retirements and pensions, which represent less than 1% (0.88%). of the total registered jobs in the country.

The ruling party seeks agreements for profits, rents and the specifications

Beyond the data, Kirchnerism with 31 senators will need to include the elected governor of Río Negro Alberto Weretilneck and his two allies, the missionary Magdalena Solari Quintana and the Riojan Clara Vega to join the quorum if it intends to advance with Ganancias la next week. If what happened in the Deputies is repeated, all three would vote in favor of the project.

He will also seek to agree with the senators of Federal Unity. María Eugenia Catalfamo, who reports to the governor of San Luis, Alberto Rodríguez Saá, has already returned to the ruling party. Now she must convince Guillermo Snopek, Edgardo Kueider and Carlos “Camau” Espínola, who had already been summoned to gather the quorum for rentals.

He will not be able to include Senator Alejandra Vigo, wife of Juan Schiaretti, on his radar. The governor of Córdoba questioned the project because more than 50% of what was collected by Ganancias is distributed among the provinces as co-participation.

For this reason, Schiaretti, through his deputies, asked to move forward with a project that makes the tax on the check co-shareable. A proposal that was promoted by provincial and minority blocks.

Meanwhile, Together for Change, if the lower house vote is repeated, would also reject the proposal because it considers it “electoralist” and because it would lead to “hyperinflation.”

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