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After the governors’ rejection of the bond, Sergio Massa expects Axel Kicillof to deliver it to the Province

Nearly Sergio Massa They downplayed the decision of the provinces (of the ruling party and the opposition) not to join in the payment of a fixed sum for state $60 thousand on account of future increases for statedespite the fact that the Minister of Economy during his announcement broadcast on networks asked governors and mayors to “make the effort together with the State to try to improve the income of workers.”

Forty-eight hours after the official message and after the rejection of the measure by several municipal and provincial executives, the position is different. “As we are a federal country, the salaries of the provinces and municipalities are defined by the provinces and municipalities,” explained in the privacy of the team of the presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria.

The Ministry of the Interior, which leads Eduardo “Wado” de PedroTigrense’s campaign manager, will not get involved in negotiations to mediate with the governors either.

Massa does not believe that the provincial leaders’ rejection of the measure will push private employers not to pay the bonus to their workers.

“It has nothing to do with the private sector, because the regulation of labor relations at the national level of the private sector is defined by the Ministry of Labor of the Nation. “Whoever does not comply will have sanctions,” the minister was heard saying privately in line with the public warnings of Kelly Olmos.

The Minister of Labor threatened companies that do not pay the bonus with fines.

The Minister of Labor had been categorical about the fines that those who do not comply could pay. “[Si no pagan] they have a violation. They are going to have to pay it and, on top of that, a fine (…) We must have the accompaniment of the unions to identify those companies that do not pay; the worker has anonymous channels to make the complaint. That’s where the audit works,” Olmos said in radio statements.

Satisfaction with “friendly” governors

The UxP presidential candidate was satisfied with the support of Ricardo Quintela and Gerardo Zamora from La Rioja, who announced bonuses for the provincial and municipal employees of their districts in charge of the provinces.

Both provincial leaders had been, along with Raúl Jalil from Catamarca, two of the Peronist leaders who most pushed Massa’s presidential aspirations.

Massa celebrated the 0,000 bonus announced by Zamora from Santiago.Massa celebrated the $400,000 bonus announced by Zamora from Santiago.

The Minister of Economy does not lose sleep over the general reaction of the governors, but he is confident that Axel Kicillof -which has not yet confirmed what it will do- will finally join the initiative.

A national official who maintains regular dialogue with governors argued that the measure announced by Economy does not make sense. “They are already taking these measures to take care of the small payment and they have been having good results,” he reasoned.

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