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After the defeat in Chubut, Alberto Fernández went to Chaco and supported Capitanich’s candidacy: “He was a great governor, I admire him”

The province is still affected by the disappearance and possible femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski.

After the Peronist defeat in Chubut, President Alberto Fernández traveled to Chaco on Monday, where supported the candidacy of the current president Provincial, Jorge Capitanich.

In the run-up to the provincial elections on September 17, the head of state asked the people of Chaco to “don’t forget what ‘Coqui’ did all these years” for that district.

File photo of Alberto Fernández and Jorge Capitanich.

Leading the opening of the VII International Congress on Disability in Chaco, Fernández emphasized: “He was a great governorDon’t miss the opportunity to have him again as governor.”

“You, chacos, are going to vote again. They are told by a porteño who arrived committed to governing with the 24 governors. I admit that he is my friend, I admit that I admire him, I recognize that there is immeasurable capacity in him. I ask you not to forget what Coqui did these years for the Chaco”he pointed out.

After that strong endorsement, he took Capitanich’s hand and told him: “You deserve it”. “I ask them because ‘Coqui’ has the same sensitivity that I have about the needs of the most humble,” added Fernández.

The province of Chaco celebrated its PASO on June 18. In that election, Together for Change was the coalition that garnered the most votes, with 43% of the total, followed by the Chaqueño Front led by Capitanich, which obtained around 37%.

Next month, Capitanich will try to turn those numbers around against the candidate who won the Juntos por el Cambio nomination, the radical Leandro Zdero.

The PASO in Chaco took place 18 days after the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzowski, an event that shook the final stretch of the electoral campaign.

The 28-year-old was in a relationship with César Sena (19), son of the most powerful local piquetero, Emerenciano Sena, himself an ally of Capitanich. Due to the disappearance of the young woman, both Sena, father and son, plus Marcela Acuña, wife of Emerenciano and mother of César, among other people, are in custody.

During the act, and in line with the spirit of the event in which he was participating, he also maintained that “there is no better money invested by the State than the one that serves to include brothers and sisters in the community and give better living conditions to those who They are demanding better living conditions”.

The head of state stated that “the non-contributory pension is a right that people with disabilities have” and countered that this view “is very different” from that of other sectors of the opposition, warning that “if I think it is a benefit , I can grant it or not, but if I think it is a right I must recognize it, period”.

“Just as we grant rights to minorities, we have to grant rights to people who have a disability, because it is seen that, if we give them conditions, the possibilities of development exist,” he added.

This Monday was the fourth time this year that Fernández traveled to that province, and the tenth since he was head of state.

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