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After the crisis due to the law that allowed mining, the right hand of the governor of Chubut resigned

The Minister of Government of Chubut, Jose Maria Grazzini, resigned this Wednesday “indeclinably” in charge, weeks after the protests, repression and violent incidents that occurred after the approval of the Mining Zoning Law, later repealed by the provincial Executive.

Grazzini attributed his resignation to “various factors, personal issues, the feeling of a completed cycle and the confrontational climate that is lived and that it makes difficult the day to day in the public function “.

The minister accompanied Governor Mariano Arcioni since December 2019, at the beginning of his second term at the head of the province.

He was the president’s right hand and had remained a strong man in the cabinet after the resignation presented by the controversial former Minister of Security, Federico Massoni, after the setback he suffered in the 2021 elections.

Mariano Arcioni and, to his right, the outgoing minister José María Grazzini. Photo Twitter Arcioni

Massoni was the main candidate for national senator for Chubut Somos Todos, but he did not enter Congress.

“Several things are mixed, the personal situation, the social climate and the feeling of the completed cycle because the objectives that we had set for ourselves were being fulfilled, among them, regularize the payment of wages which was one of the things that revealed me“, said the official, in statements to Telam.

Although he accepted that the social upheaval that occurred from the debate on the mining zoning law “influenced” In his decision to step aside, Grazzini maintained that “that was not the central issue” that led to his resignation.

During those incidents, the outgoing minister lost his office: his office was totally destroyed by flames when, in the middle of the round of protests, the headquarters of the Government House caught fire.

“If I have something to rescue in all this time, it is the good dialogue that we were able to establish with the unions, even in situations of strong confrontation when the salary arrears to which we were forced by cash problems were felt,” he reflected.

First exit after the conflict

Grazzini’s removal is the first to take place after the conflict over the mining zoning law that was first approved by the Chubut Legislature amid strong protests and that, days later, it was repealed by the same body.

The initial sanction of the law was met with strong criticism from the political and union sphere, as well as from Church figures in the region.

In addition, the approval aggravated the tenor of the protests, which escalated until they reached the fire of the provincial Government House. The building was totally destroyed. The Legislature and the Judicial Branch in Rawson were also damaged.

Finally, Arcioni announced that he had asked the Legislature to repeal the law and that, instead, a “binding plebiscite” would be promoted. Hours later, on Tuesday, December 21, legislators reversed the march.

Grazzini’s departure is also another shock for Arcioni in 2021.

At the beginning of the year, his figure was at the center of the controversy after a truck carrying Alberto Fernández was attacked in Lago Puelo. The episode generated controversy and controversy between provincial officials and La Cámpora.

Federico Massoni, former Minister of Security of Chubut.

Federico Massoni, former Minister of Security of Chubut.

The group headed by Máximo Kirchner even asked for the removal of Massoni, then a controversial Minister of Security of Chubut. However, Arcioni established him in his position.

Later, Massoni (with a heavy-handed speech) was elected as number 1 on the list of the provincial ruling party for the national Senate.

The performance of the “Chubut we are all” ballot was poor: that force was fourth, behind Juntos por el Cambio, the Frente de Todos and Independiente del Chubut, with just 10% of the votes. With the result on the table, Massoni left his post.

We got 14,000 fewer votes than in the PASO and that has no explanation, and if we said during the campaign that our candidacy is the management, there is no other option than to make ourselves available to the governor, “he said hours after the legislative elections, with the ballot box still hot.

His replacement was Leonardo Das Neves.

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