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After the controversy, Patricia Bullrich affirmed that she does not plan to close the Ministries of Education and Health

After the controversy over her statements about the possibility of eliminating the Ministries of Education and Health as part of her political platform for the 2023 presidential elections, Patricia Bullrich spoke this Sunday, saying that they misinterpreted her words and spoke of a plan to modernization.

The head of the PRO maintained that if she became president “she would have eight ministries” among which would be the portfolios of Education and Health but “fully modernized”.

“I need to get to the classrooms. Today those ministries are not in charge of Education and Health every day. There are several laws to change, but the main thing is that there is coordination. My Ministries of Education and Health have to coordinate the entire country”, he stated in dialogue with Radio Mitre.

On Saturday, in Alejandro Fantino’s program, the former Security Minister put herself in presidential candidate mode and described her possible initiatives if she reaches the Casa Rosada.

Among them, he spoke of the “bureaucracy” of the educational portfolio and specified that in its place he will promote “an Education agency, where education can be thought of and the 24 Ministers of Education will generate specific standards.”

Maximiliano Ferraro national deputy and leader of the Civic Coalition. Photo: Andres D’Elia.

The reply came from an ally, the deputy and president of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro, who via Twitter responded to Bullrich and maintained that “it is not about eliminating the Ministry but about defining, without any hesitation, the priority educational policies.

“I disagree with eliminating the Ministry of Education. It is a mistake to propose doing so when it is the main governing body for educational policies, coordinating with the jurisdictions to guarantee common criteria of quality and equity with a federal perspective,” said Ferraro.

This Sunday, Bullrich sought to tone down the controversy and admitted that the laws should be changed so that his proposal for coordinated ministries at the country level is carried out.

At the same time, he highlighted some of the initiatives that could be carried out during the management of Cambiemos, both in terms of security and at a social level. And he warned that in a new government, the changes will be promoted from the first moments of coming to power.

“There were areas where we went Cambiemos and others where we went Siguemos. In the social area we have not changed, in Security we have. Today people embrace the JxC paradigm in Security. This time, the changes will have to be from day one. And we have to put the dots in the biggest areas,” she emphasized.

In addition, he referred to the last National Convention of the Radical Civic Union and highlighted the final document. “I thought it was very well done and they propose an economic, educational, cultural transformation of Argentina, we are here for a fundamental change,” he said.

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