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After joining Juntos por el Cambio, José Luis Espert confirmed that he will be a candidate for president

The Liberal deputy ratified that he will compete for the Casa Rosada nomination as a member of Avanza Libertad within the opposition coalition.

Jose Luis Espert He confirmed his entry into Juntos por el Cambio this Thursday, after months of negotiations. He did it with the welcome given to him by two pre-candidates nationals of the opposition coalition, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich. Hours later after his entry, the deputy confirmed that he too will compete for the presidential nomination.

“I entered as a candidate for president from Avanza Libertad within Cambiemos [sic]”, Espert said hours after the announcement of its incorporation into the opposition coalition.

In this way, Espert joins Rodríguez Larreta, Bullrich, Gerardo Morales (UCR) and Elisa Carrió (Civic Coalition).

“From the entry of Avanza Libertad, the main opposition space it looks widened, fortified. It is liberalism institutionally, it is not a person,” said Espert in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia. “The important thing today, the great news, is that the main opposition space to Kirchnerism, the populism that must be eradicated forever, has a chance to do so with liberalism inside,” he added.

The economist celebrated his entry into JxC with images together with Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich, in a show of unity amid the fierce internal dispute over the possible incorporation of Juan Schiaretti from Cordoba into the opposition alliance.

“It is the feeling of being a pledge of unity and some pacification among so many internal fight that took place in the previous days. That’s the idea of ​​the photos,” he explained about his posts.

On the other hand, they asked him about his closeness to the Buenos Aires head of government and the possibility that he has entered like battering ram to erode the chances of the former Security Minister.

“I have been a liberal for 35 years, so who is going to doubt my intention to compete anywhere to defend liberal ideas. In 2019 they told me that it was functional to Kirchnerism. Now some may think that I am joining Cambiemos para [erosionar a Bullrich]… no way! I enter to bring liberal votes, disenchanted votes, people with doubts“, added in the radio interview.

And he stressed: “The first winner is the coalition that Kirchnerism opposes”.

José Luis Espert with Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich, separately. He says he is “a pledge of unity” in Together for Change.

He also talked about a eventual breakup of Together for Change, as a result of the tensions between the two PRO leaders, exacerbated by the negotiations to add the governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti.

“I don’t know how to rub the lamp”Espert acknowledged. “I will do the impossible, now that I am inside and that i am a unit garment, so that the coalition does not break. It would be very dangerous for Argentina if it breaks up.”

In this sense, he warned that a rupture would be “little responsible“.

“For the number of reforms that must be done, and that must be face so much mafiaso much political density is needed that it would be little responsible from a political and civic point of view to break the coalition”, evaluated the deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires.

Although he avoided giving a strong definition of Schiaretti, he clarified: “Let’s see, vote for the Kirchners, if you take the last 16 years I don’t know if anyone is exempt from guilt of having voted for them. You have to see not only that, but what is on your mind who wants to join the coalition.”

What Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich said about the entry of José Luis Espert

The new candidate for president of Together for Change received this Thursday the greeting of the Buenos Aires head of government and the former president of the PRO.

“The total and definitive change that we Argentines need to leave Kirchnerism behind confronts Together for Change with two challenges: that we be more united than ever and that at the same time we expand by adding new ideas and good people“, expressed Rodriguez Larretawhich defined the new member as a “prestigious economist with a profound vocation for change, a defender of democracy and the ideas of freedom.”

Also Bullrich welcomed him with a message on Twitter. “Since the 2021 elections brego for Espert to join Juntos por el Cambio”.

He assured that “the liberal ideas that he strongly defends are essential for the profound change that we need.” And he marked the field again, by once again expressing his rejection of Schiaretti in the final stretch towards the provincial elections, where Luis Juez will face the official dolphin, Martín Llaryora: “This decision does not change the defense of Córdoba and against the attempt to bring those who voted alongside Kirchnerism”.


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