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After Elisa Carrió’s resignation from the candidacy, the Civic Coalition hit Mauricio Macri without naming him and asked to work so that Juntos wins

Maximiliano Ferraro, president of the party, claimed to accompany Patricia Bullrich without “personal ambivalence.” The CC had supported Rodríguez Larreta in the inmate.

A little over a week after the PASO, with a result that was resolved by the Juntos por el Cambio internship and impacted by the victory of Javier Milei, the Civic Coalition bucked the integration with the candidate for president Patricia Bullrich. After the resignation of Elisa Carrió to the postulation as legislator of Parlasur, Maximiliano Ferraro -head of the party- asked to work for the space no “speculation or personal ambivalence”which was interpreted as a questioning of Mauricio Macri for his harmony with the winner of the primaries.

Bullrich and Carrió spoke this Saturday, after the reference of the Civic Coalition alleged health reasons to get off the Parlasur candidacy. The co-founder of Cambiemos had opted for Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and questioned Macri because of his closeness with Milei. to the former president accused him of promoting the breakup of Together for Change to take a portion of the space to an alliance with the liberal.

It was a good conversation. We are going to support the Together for Change strategy, because we know what is at stake in this election. There was a STEP, a result, and now we all have to be united”, recounted a CC leader about the telephone conversation between Bullrich and Carrió.

Even with resentment, Carrió and her candidates will seek to join the campaign and the speech that the candidate’s team designs in these hours for the generals: “We are good losers, there must also be good winners. We will go into hawk mode, if that is what is defined. Like hawks they are not going to run from us, we always were”expanded one of the legislators close to the former deputy.

Carrió had been on the side of Rodríguez Larreta in the internship, and distanced himself from the position of the hard wing of the PRO with concepts that made noise – he saddled him with a plan to “repress until death” -, although from his sector they indicated that “he never talked about Patricia” at that moment.

Macri has moved to a space closer to Milei’s. He said it expressly, ‘we want to win to make an alliance with Milei’. That space is going through a very brutal adjustment on the middle classes, in four months, framed on the notion of an order that does not come from Justice, the Republic, Human Rights, but rather that it is necessary to repress until killing if necessary ” , Carrió had pointed out during a talk at the Hannah Arendt Institute, at the beginning of June.

Now from the Civic Coalition they will close ranks with Bullrich, with the idea that in this election the axis of the discussion will be “republican democracy or authoritarianism”. Unlike Macri, Carrió was critical of Milei and even went so far as to say that would go into exile if elected president. The rancor is mutual: the Liberal candidate called it a “blood-sucking parasite of the state.”

Ferraro, president of the Civic Coalition, put words on Monday to the position of space. “Strengthen the unity, plurality and proposal of Together for Change, integrate teams and accompany and work for the presidential candidacy of Patricia Bullrich”, he started a post on his social networks, and warned: “Working on this project is incompatible with speculation or personal ambivalence.”

Ferraro was third in the list of deputies that Maximiliano Guerra will lead in the City. Two others with expectations of renewing are Mónica Frade and Mariana Stilman, in eighth and twelfth place in the province of Buenos Aires. The bloc of the Civic Coalition in the lower house will expire the mandates of seven legislators, so would go from 11 to seven members.

Bullrich called for an activity on Thursday, in which the members of the interblocks, the candidates and the current and elected governors will participate, with the purpose of exhibit unity and a contrast to Milei in terms of political structure for eventual management. The leaders of the Civic Coalition will be present. As for Carrió, his role in the campaign will depend on his health, although he will make pronouncements: the first will be this Tuesday, in the framework of a seminar at the Arendt Institute.

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