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After depressive moments, Alejandro Sanz is moved by his daughter’s words

Alejandro Sanz lived an emotional moment on stage after confessing that he is not at his best emotionally speaking. In May, the 54-year-old singer confessed that he did not feel well, that he was sad, tired and that sometimes he “did not even want to be there”; a wave of apapachos filled his networks, as he was about to continue with his tour of Europe, which he thought of canceling.

“I’m not well. I don’t know if this is of any use but I want to say it. I am sad and tired. In case someone else believes that there must always be a sea breeze or a firework on a summer night. I’m working to make it go away… I’ll get to the stage and something inside will tell me what to do. But sometimes I don’t even want to be. Literally. Just to be honest. For not entering the useless noise. I know there are people who feel this way. If it works for you, I feel the same ”, reads the message that alerted his followers.

From that moment on, Sanz has received words of love not only through his networks, nor with gifts and letters that arrive in his dressing room, but above all he has felt the love of his fans at the concerts he has given in Spain and, In turn, this has helped him to open up to them about his progress in this process.

“I will put my pieces together again, right in front of those who broke me,” he wrote on June 13, and it is that things have come together for the Spanish, first because he would have been disappointed by a “friend”, which made him would have left him bankrupt, in addition to the fact that Sanz ended his romance with his girlfriend Rachel Valdés.

Alejandro Sanz, who is in the process of overcoming a bad streak, is still standing with his tour of Spain. He appeared in Madrid where he offered a spectacular show, according to the opinions of the attendees and the singer himself, who made special thanks to her youngest daughter named Alma, who celebrated her birthday on stage with her father. her.

Undoubtedly, the most moving moment of the night was when the little girl, the product of the relationship between Alejandro and the Spanish psychologist and businesswoman Raquel Perera, with whom she also had her son Dylan.

When Alejandro Sanz asked her if she wanted to say something, Alma thanked the audience for the love they give her father, which moved Sanz to tears, they both hugged and the little girl left the stage.

Alejandro Sanz also has two other children, Manuela, who was born in 2001, the product of his relationship with the Mexican model and actress Jaydy Michel; and Alexander, son of Valeria Rivera, a fashion designer from Puerto Rico.

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