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Adulterated drug, deaths and a strong official confession: “Of course it can happen again”

The official, one of those who has been closely following the case of the poisoned drug, talks nonstop. Describe with raw data how drug trafficking and drug use They were advancing in the country. He divides them as two problems that need to be addressed separately. until Clarion interrupts him and asks him.

– But can a case like Gate 8 happen again?

– Of course it can happen again -answers almost angry-. Why wouldn’t it happen again? If the drug traffickers who are detained should already have been replaced, if there is no will to fight them seriously. Or do you think they’re not selling drugs at Gate 8 now?

A few hours later, this newspaper raised the same question to another official, from another administration but who is also aware of the details of the case that, until this Monday, had taken the lives of 24 people. To respond, conspicuously, he uses the same words as his colleague.

“If it can happen again? Of course”. And he even risks: “This has surely already happened, on a smaller scale, and we didn’t even know about it. What could have happened now? That day Argentina was playing, probably many kids said ‘we are going to watch the game, we are going to buy falopa’and that’s why it was massive.”

business and consumption

According to official data, from a Sedronar survey, drug use more than doubled between 2010 and 2019. In the first case, 3.6% of the population consulted admitted to consuming narcotics and in almost a decade it rose to 8.3%.

The problem is not new crosses all social classes. Although initially there was talk of adulterated cocaine, the deaths linked to this case were marginal sectors. “They were cartoneros or kids who worked in garbage collection. If they don’t have money, they go out to riot. We don’t even know what drug it was. We have devices to compare, that quickly tell us if it’s cocaine or paco or something known, and we still don’t know. But for the price, 300 or 500 pesos a packet, it can’t be cocaine,” a third source expands.

And he adds data from the business: “The cocaine that is sold here is from Peru and Bolivia. It is not from Colombia, which goes to the United States. And like any business, in which everyone seeks to maximize profits, what comes here in general is of poor quality. A gram of cocaine in the United States costs 100 dollars, in Germany more than 80 euros. What can an envelope of 300 pesos have, a little more than a dollar?

The products with which cocaine or other drugs are “stretched”, and which have been heard repeatedly these days, do not cease to attract attention: “ground glass, chalk, pulloid -powder to clean-“.

The hypotheses of the case

The three sources consulted they discard the idea of ​​a drug war, with an adulteration on purpose to harm a band. “That’s nonsense. Can you imagine the man from Noble Repulgue poisoning the empanadas of another business? He is also harmed, because people begin to doubt all the empanadas. Here most likely they wanted to try a new product and it went wrong“, argues one of the officials.

Another contributes to the theory: “And when you talk about fentanyl, it’s not the fentanyl from the laboratories, expensive. It must have been something homemade, which they tried and it went wrong. We must be thankful that more people have not died. Why didn’t hundreds die? Because God is from Buenos Aires.” One piece of information contributes to this hypothesis: until this Monday, they had not detected fentanyl -an opioid much more powerful than morphine- in any analysis.

In private, the three sources agree that the problem of drug trafficking and consumption has been growing for years, without distinction of crack or internal: “Berni’s anger with Aníbal is because he considered what he did a political evil, to bully him in public in the middle of the problem. But not because he did not give him resources or did not help him, because it is not even known if Aníbal has those resources “.

Today Berni has a political terminal in Governor Axel Kicillof. He was one of those who got involved in the issue, although from a distance, since he was (and is) with President Alberto Fernández on tour abroad. He was also closely followed by Carlos Bianco, Kicillof’s former chief of staff and confidant; and the Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak.

– And Cristina, who was in charge of the Executive and Berni always considered her his boss? Clarín consulted.

– With Berni, at least, no. They are fighting to the death, replied one of the sources.

Nor was there much of a stir in other sectors of the Rosada, according to what a leader who passes through those corridors these days told this newspaper. “There they were worried about Máximo’s resignation”answered.

Failed decentralization

For some specialists, the 2005 law that transferred the fight against drug dealing to the provincial courts and police did not bring substantive solutions. Today most of the cases that are opened are for possession for consumption, in which the detainees are released within hours. Y many do not even reach sentencing. “There are no serious investigations against drug trafficking because there is no will in the world to dismantle it,” summarizes an official.

The (bad) economic situation doesn’t help either. It is a rule that drug trafficking occupies the places that the State or private parties within the law leave free. “How much can the Evita Movement get for a family from those neighborhoods? 70 lucas with different plans? Well, one of these kids who sells out there earns 150 lucas. And there is a cultural issue that as a society we do not want to see. The aspiration of these kids in many cases is to sell falopa, which gives them nice girls, good clothes, a car, a motorcycle. They don’t want to be doctors. It is sad but true”.

At the other end of the social pyramid, the problem shows other places and terminals. “Kids or marginal people died here. But spend a weekend guarding the Fernández Hospital, which is the best in the city. It’s full of cheetah kids who have to wash their stomachs because they got out of hand with the pills,” he concludes.

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