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Adrián Badías exhibits “Ulysses, turey de Vizcaya” in the General Archive of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican plastic artist Adrian Badias presents in the General Archive of Puerto Rico the individual exhibition Ulysses, turey of Vizcaya”. The exhibition remains open to the public until Thursday, December 29.

Badías studied art history and archeology at Princeton University and later specialized in sculpture at l’Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris in France and at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain. He has exhibited intermittently in France (1989 Galerie Crous, Paris; 1993 Grande Masse des Beaux Arts de Paris), in Spain (1993 Casa de Velázquez, Madrid; 2015 Charpa Gallery, Valencia) and in Puerto Rico (1998 Museo de Arte e History; 1999 Museum of the Americas). She resides in Puerto Rico since 2015.

About the exhibition where elements of the vegetation are intertwined with human bodies, the artist himself explains:

Adrián Badías exhibits “Ulysses, turey de Vizcaya” in the General Archive of Puerto Rico (Supplied)

“These handmade hands and their accompanying images direct their gaze at each other and at each other in a purposeful and somewhat incomprehensible way. From one to the other they cling to or give in to the occasion, negotiating the moment. It is not very well known why, nor exactly what it is about. We only see his serious and cryptic eagerness in an apparently meaningless occupation. They imitate various instances of me conquering time and space. They allow themselves to be carried away by trial and error in a Quixotic way, to the voluptuous borders of madness and boredom. The series of photographs presented here were taken at home and are based on the book Ulysses, turey de Vizcaya, yet to be published. Some specimens are provided as samples. It consists of a series of text fragments in English taken from Homer’s Odyssey that appear juxtaposed with a series of text fragments in Spanish taken from the writings of Christopher Columbus, his son Fernando Colón, and Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas narrating the discovery and conquest of the New World. In the book each text is illustrated with an image. In the exhibition each image is illustrated with two texts. I started working on this project in 2015 trying to better understand my current reality, looking to the past from the enormous wealth and newly created ruins. They are related to the sculptures. And wonder of wonders is to perceive in the name of a common ground the abundant rung from which to climb, mark interested differences and profitable distances, invoking group rights or privileges as best suits the benefit of one’s own, opening your eyes wide to one side and closing them firmly towards each other. Civilized and monstrous, this is the Babel that makes me lose sleep and hypnotizes me, echoing from the Baldorioty Express to the swaying of the waves: ¨Time to wake up, because yesterday’s sun has risen¨.

The General Archive of Puerto Rico is located at #500 Constitución Avenue in San Juan.

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