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Administration-Kashmiri Pandit employees face to face after the Centre’s decision not to transfer them out of Kashmir, protest in Jammu

Suresh S. Duggar

Jammu, June 4

Under the PM package, the employees and the government are at loggerheads after the refusal to transfer government employees of Kashmiri Pandits and other minority communities out of Kashmir, accepting the condition of settling in Kashmir itself. Kashmiri Pandit government employees are not ready to stay in Kashmir. After leaving many safe zones, he has reached Jammu and now he has started demonstrations demanding transfer to Jammu citing threat to his life. For two days they have been protesting in Jammu. Although the government has started transferring Pandit teachers posted in the villages of Kashmir and personnel posted in many other offices, all of them have been transferred to Kashmir itself. They are now camped in Jammu.

In fact, amidst the incidents of target killing, the central government has taken a big decision. 177 Kashmiri Pandit teachers posted from rural areas of Kashmir and several personnel of the Accounts Department have been transferred. The government has taken this decision after protests by teachers and other government employees. People belonging to the Kashmiri Pandit community had demanded transfer from Kashmir to Jammu, they also stopped going to school.

The administration had clarified yesterday that the employees would not be sent out of Kashmir, but would be transferred to safer places. He said that by sending Kashmiri Pandits out of Kashmir, we cannot become part of the story of murder written from across the border. That’s what they want. Kashmiri Pandit employees reaching Jammu protested in Jammu today. He also disrupted the normal life of the city by jamming the Tawi bridge. The protesters said that the government should transfer them to their home districts as soon as possible. The employees said that the way non-Kashmiris are being selectively killed in different places of Kashmir, in such a situation they will not go to Kashmir anymore.

On this occasion, Punan Kashmir has said that the central government should try to recognize the ground reality of Kashmir. This is not a development problem. Here Islamic Jihad is going on with the support of Pakistan and it should be dealt with in the same manner.

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