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Actress and entertainer Luz Odilea Font dies

The Puerto Rican acting class is still in mourning, because less than a week after the death of theater director and drama teacher Dean Zayas, the death of the remembered theater, television and radio actress and entertainer has transpired. Luz Odilea Font.

It was one of his daughters, Wanda Font, who contacted The new day to announce his death today, due to natural causes, at the Hilos de Plata home in Guaynabo.

The artist, who was 93 years old, is survived by her children Diana, Wanda and Luis, her sons-in-law Iván Vidal, Paul Kress, and daughter-in-law Angie Font, as well as eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Her husband, Luis Font, passed away a few years ago.

“Mommy worked all her life. I remember that when I was four years old, she was one of the figures that inaugurated Puerto Rican television in a comedy called ‘Home sweet home’ in which she played the wife of Tommy Muñiz and her son was José Miguel Agrelot as ‘Torito’. She was also in the program “Teatro de la alegría” and from there she went on to act in dozens of plays and soap operas, ”recalled Wanda Font.

Luz Odilea Font, who always stood out for her elegance and diction before the cameras, also stood out on the small screen as a host of variety shows such as “El Super Show Goya”, which she first hosted with Chilean actor Enrique Maluenda and then with the Puerto Rican heartthrob and announcer Luis Daniel Rivera.

1972 telenovela “Tomiko”, Ángela Meyer, Luz Odilea Font, Historical Archive, El Nuevo Dia. (Archive)

“Mami came to act alongside Walter Mercado, Braulio Castillo, Lucy Boscana, Madeline Willemsen Chavito Marrero, among others. Her last job was at WIPR Radio’s dramatic workshop, until 2017 just before Hurricane Maria. That was the end of her workshop for her, she was 88 years old and she arrived at the station driving. In the home where she was until she died, she used to say that she had to go to the channel because she had to record something, ”said her daughter.

Luz Odilea Font was born in San Sebastián but grew up in San Juan.

According to the artist’s daughter, details of her funeral at the Buxeda Funeral Home will soon be announced.

The actress Luz Odilea Font in a memorable advertisement for Goya products.
The actress Luz Odilea Font in a memorable advertisement for Goya products. (Supplied)

Biography of Luz Odilea Font courtesy of the National Foundation for Popular Culture

His first contact with art occurred when he was barely nine years old. At that age he began to study piano with the Figueroa brothers. Chopin being his favorite composer, his studies in music spanned three years. Already in full adolescence, his parents moved to Santurce where they have the playwright Manuel Méndez Ballester as a neighbor. It was he who, observing the artistic concerns of the young woman, invited her to participate in one of her radio programs; “The school of the air”. From her initial audition, Luz Odilea Arocho – first name with which she became known- went on to become a regular talent on the show, starting her career on Puerto Rican radio.

Upon completing her studies at Central High School, the young woman completed an associate degree at the University of Puerto Rico. Her goal then was to become a social worker, just like her parent. But when she later started the baccalaureate in psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, her love got in her way, she married Luis Alberto Font and dedicated herself to married life.

The new spouses established their residence in the United States. But back in the Country in 1949, the artist was expecting a child. The doctors warned her that they would have to perform a cesarean section. Fearing her intervention, she decided to give birth naturally and 40 days later, she began looking for a job opportunity, returning to the radio.

With the arrival of television, Luz Odilea then became a member of the team of artists for channel 2 of Telemundo. With them, she debuted on the small screen in the biweekly space “Drama Antizime”, sponsored by a mouthwash and later the Drama Malta India. She then came the soap operas acting in productions such as “Return to the past” (1958). By 1959, channel 4 of Wapa Televisión demanded her services, working simultaneously on the two main channels in the country. From there, in 1961, while working on telenovelas such as “Bendita tú tú” on Wapa, she did the same on Telemundo in melodramas such as “Pueblo” (1961). These were then followed by other titles such as “Justice”, “The forgiveness of sins”, “The empty cross” (1964) and the successful “María Mercé la mulata” (1965-66), among others. Likewise, she was part of the cast of the production “Entre monte y cielo” (1959) by Dora Alonso, which for six months went around the country.

Simultaneously, his work in the theater is noted with performances in works such as “Cristal roto en el tiempo” by Myrna Casas, “La carreta” by René Marqués, “Bodas de sangre” and “Androcles el León”, these last two directed by Enzo Bellomo. In the same way, in the 1960s, she worked in the cinema in the movie “El Jibarito”, starring Orlando Rodríguez. In the film, the actress played the role of “Victoria”, sister of the immortal composer Rafael Hernández.

In the years that color television premiered in the country, Luz Odilea did dubbing as well as numerous programs for The Voice of America.

With the beginning of the new decade, the actress was part of the block of soap operas on Channel 2, some of them being “Juan de Dios” (1969), “Tomiko” (1972) and “Mujeres sin hombres”. Faced with the crisis that temporarily closed the melodramas workshop, Luz Odilea remained active on the small screen sharing stars, first with Chilean animator Enrique Maluenda and later with fellow actor Luis Daniel Rivera. She along with them she was the host of the variety show “Super Show Goya”as well as being part of the firm’s advertising campaigns.

The veteran Chilean animator Enrique Maluenda with Luz Odilea Font in a reunion in 2008. (Primera Hora/Luis Alcala del Olmo)
The veteran Chilean animator Enrique Maluenda with Luz Odilea Font in a reunion in 2008. (Primera Hora/Luis Alcala del Olmo) (LUIS ALCALA DEL OLMO)

The always lady has worked in the subsequent decades in various television projects. As an example, Font was part of the cast of “Vida” headed by Johanna Rosaly in 1979. She also took part in melodramas such as “El amor Nuestro de cada día” and “Lalie” (1980), “When you return” (1985), ” Andrea” (1988) and “Natalia” (1992). He also acted in television movies such as “Coralito has two husbands” (1999) and “Promesa de Reyes” (2003), both directed by Vicente Castro, as well as in 2001 he was part of the cast of the comedy “Las Chicas de Oro” , which was broadcast on Channel 13 of Tele Oro.


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