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Actor of “The Lord of the Skies” receives death threats for his character in the television series

His character of Comandante Valdés, “puddle of blood”, in the Mexican series, “The Lord of the heavens”which is entering its eighth season, has been so convincing that it has endangered the physical safety of the Cuban actor roberto escobaron Aztec soil.

The veteran artist had to request protection from death threats he received through social networks.

“I received two death threats, one from an adult man, and another from a young man, a minor, who was excused by his mother. They are viewers who take the characters very seriously, they do not distinguish between fiction and the actor, “said the interpreter. “I think the threats are out of jealousy, they have fallen in love with the actress Dayana Garroz, with whom I have a love relationship in the series. She is very pretty and a good actress. I had to notify the police so they would be aware of the situation,” he maintained.

Roberto Escobar plays Commander Valdes in “The Lord of the Skies.” (Supplied)

Escobar, who will move to Mexico in September to record the new chapters of “El Señor de los Cielos”, he is the only actor who plays the character, of a living person, Commander Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The actor is not afraid of the repercussions that the characterization of this Cuban officer may bring.

“I fear the threats I have received more than Comandante Valdés. I am an actor and I have to interpret the roles, that they give me and what is written, he must understand that. In Cuba the series has been seen on a computer, it enters through what they call the package, which is foreign programming. The government censored the series because of the crude way the character is presented, and ordered its broadcast in the country to be banned,” he said.

This is not the first time that the actor has been attacked by the public for his acting work.

“Standing at a bus stop in Colombia, an older lady started yelling at me ‘evil’ and hitting me with her handbag, for mistreating my wife, on the telenovela ‘Divorciadas,’” she said. She added that, “villain characters haunt me…I like them because they’re characterful and it takes strength to play them. They demand more from the actor, they make the protagonist suffer throughout the plot, and they pay for their wickedness only once, at the end. In real life I’m not like that”.

In relation to the inconveniences that the production has had, given the alleged lack of responsibility of the protagonist of the series, Raphael AmayaDue to his alleged drug addiction, the Cuban actor said, “I cannot speak ill of him, because he has been a good companion with me in the recording of the scenes, and personally very kind. The story has several perspectives, if he had a problem he has already dealt with it because his character of Aurelio Casilla returns. In the seventh season he was in poor health, and the character of his brother appeared, played by the actor Matias Novoabut the public preferred the return of Rafael Amaya”, he assured.

With a career spanning more than 38 years, Escobar has participated in twenty films in English, including “My Father Hero”, “Cat Chaser”, and participated in the series “Miami Vice”.

“I started backwards making films in English for the Anglo-Saxon public and later for Hispanics.”

The outstanding artist, who is an executive producer and actor for the production house, Resplandor Films of Colombia, has just filmed the movie “El Coleccionista de Aretes”, starring Juliana Herrera and Ramiro Meneses, the winner of the “Master Chef” award, from Colombia.

In the plot make the character of officer Rojas, an agent who pursues the serial killer, who kills women and collects their ears.

“It is a production of Yesid Leone Moreno, a true story, and the murderer is on the loose in Colombia,” he explained.

He also participated in the films “Time Line” with the actors Osvaldo de León and María Fernanda Yepes. The film touches on the subject of organ trafficking. In ”Persecuted”, which was sold to HBO and has traveled the world, plays the role of the protagonist’s psychiatrist, played by María Gaviria, who suffers from delusions of persecution. She shared starring roles with renowned American actor and comedian, Vince Vaughn, in the new Apple TV series, “Bad Monkey”; And in the film “Plantados” by Cuban director Lilo Vilaplana, whose ending was signed at El Castillo San Cristobal, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Escobar dreams of working on the island, where he lived until he was 12 years old, and attended elementary school, San Vicente Ferrer, in Catano.

“It was on that school campus that I got up on stage for the first time. I am crazy to work in Puerto Rico, a beloved land, in a series or movie, because many series and good movies are made there, ”he pointed out.

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