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Actor Cristian de la Fuente suffers attempted assault: his daughter Laura was shot

Just yesterday, the day he turned 48, the Chilean actor and model Christian of the Source He was the victim -along with his daughter Laura de la Fuente Castro- of an assault in Chile.

Through his social networks, the actor revealed what happened to them and said that they were both outraged when they were in their car, he also asked them to pray for his daughter who was going to have an emergency operation.

“I ask you to please pray for Lau, we need all your good energies at this time. Today they locked up Cristian and now Lau is entering a pavilion”, de la Fuente and Angélica Castro stated on their respective social networks.

According to the Chilean media Radio Bio Biothe actor and the 17-year-old teenager, were on their way to the golf club in the La Dehesa sector, community of Lo Barnechea, when the criminals cornered them to try to rob them, which is known in the South American country as ” locks up”.

According to the information, the actor managed to dodge them, which caused the assailants to shoot and one of the bullets entered through the window, injuring the minor’s leg.

What does the police report say?

Jorge Cárcamo Oyarzún, Major of Police Station 53 of Lo Barnechea, informed the media that a patrol was traveling near the place, when he noticed the teenager’s injury, for which they took her to the hospital, Publimetro reported.

“While (Cristian de la Fuente) was waiting to enter a condominium, there is a traffic jam where he is unexpectedly approached by an antisocial, who proceeds to intimidate him with a firearm to steal personal belongings.”

The also judge of the “reality” “That’s how you dance” from Telemundo, managed to avoid it. “There are images that are being investigated. The antisocial gets on a motorcycle and flees the sector. All the information was delivered to the Public Ministry, “added the elder.

This morning, de la Fuente connected again to social networks to publicize the state of health of his only child.

“Thanks to the endless messages of love and chains of prayer for Lau who has woken up better today, after surgery where they managed to remove the bullet and keep her out of vital danger. Thanks to the medical team that she did an impeccable job in the surgery and to all those who are taking care of her here in the clinic with so much love. Life is very short and it can be gone in an instant. Lau is a warrior! Keep praying for her speedy recovery. We love you very much and we will be eternally grateful as a family for this chain of prayer, positive energy and love that is achieving a miracle, “she said.

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