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Action button, the new “secret function” of the iPhone 15 Pro that no Android has

After a week in which the iPhone 15 took all the attention of the mobile industry, praise from its fans and criticism from its detractors for the lack of innovation, a novel feature was overshadowed by the debut of USB-C port. But its appearance generates envy among Android cell phone users.

While the brand’s base model, Phone 15 standard and the Plus version only differ in screen size (6.1 vs. 6.7 inches), The second Pro family is the one that really attracts attention.

The grade 5 titanium chassis, which, apart from a robust design, gives it the key touch to keep it as cool as possible, is joined by cameras with a 25X zoom that gives a professional touch to the images. But Google users already have these features in several models from the main brands. Not so with the new Action button.

The Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro: what it is and how it works

The iPhone 15 action button.

The new feature available in the high-end of this family of cell phones – iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max – is the so-called Action button, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra from last year.

This technical novelty introduced for the first time in the series gives users a quick access to a large number of shortcuts and manzanita applications. Basically, takes the place of the mute switch which is found on all other iPhones.

The iPhone mute switch is an exclusive feature that allows the user to put their device on vibrate mode or silent, which means the phone will not make notification sounds or ring when you receive calls or messages. On Android, for example, these actions are performed from the settings menu or from the sound controls.

The action button on the iPhone 15 Pro is configurable.The action button on the iPhone 15 Pro is configurable.

As the tech giant explained during the Apple Event, the new iPhone 15 Pro feature can act as a mute switch if you want, but now it has a higher degree of customization to do much more.

Switching between do not disturb modes, activating the flashlight, launching an application, starting a voice recording or having access to the camera are some of the functions that can be linked to the action button.

When selecting the main camera when recording a video, for example, you can continuously zoom between the 1x and 2x ranges. In this way, the clip will zoom in and out without jumps or cuts as when doing it from the screen.

In this sense, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have a 48MP main image sensor built in. even bigger than its predecessorswhich can now shoot at that many megapixels not only in ProRAW format, but also in HEIF (Apple’s proprietary high-efficiency image files), ideal for social media content creators like instagram.

When comparing this Action button with what the Android models from Samsung, Sony or Motorola offer, considerable differences are found.

The Korean brand introduced the Bixby button on the Galaxy S10. In this case it was nothing more than access to the intelligent assistant, comparable to Google Assistant.

For their part, the devices Sony Xperia They implemented a physical shutter button, but it was not configurable for other actions. Motorola did the same with the ThinkPhone, a model launched this year, but which did not arrive in Argentina.

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