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Academia Perpetuo Socorro celebrates an important gala on its centenary

For more than a century, the community of Miramar and San Juan has had the presence of an educational institution that has taught and guided countless generations of Puerto Ricans who have had a direct impact on Puerto Rico, at all levels. To celebrate this important event, the Perpetual Help Academy will hold a gala next Saturday, April 2, starting at 6:00 pm, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

As part of this elegant event, these past 100 years of the school will be remembered with countless messages, memories and surprises that will lead those present along the path of nostalgia and satisfaction. “As part of the protocol, our director, Monsignor José Emilio Cummings, will give a few words, in addition to honoring the legacy and work of José Manuel Leavitt, who was vice principal of the school for more than 50 years”explained Francis Velez, director of Academic and Student Affairs of the school. “In addition to that, we are going to have a cocktail, live music by Ale Croatto, Cuenta Regresiva and A Son de Guerra, as well as a great dinner and many more surprises for all attendees, including former students, faculty and guests” .

The centennial celebration of the Academia del Perpetuo Socorro began last Tuesday, September 21, the exact day of the anniversary, when an emotional ceremony was held on the school grounds in Miramar. “That day we had activity and recognition with all the school’s students, directed and presented by Monsignor Cummings, where we formally started all the events that we have had during this important year for us”explained Alba Raquel Collazo, assistant director and administrator of the school. Saturday’s gala was scheduled to be held on January 29, but due to the uptick in COVID-19 cases on the island, they decided to move it.

great generations of students

In the past 100 years, countless young people who have studied at the Academia del Perpetuo Socorro have raised the name of Puerto Rico in areas such as science, arts, politics, history and medicine, among many others. , something that could be attributed to the focus on the family and the student since its foundation. “The foundation of this school was motivated primarily by the community of Miramar, within a simplicity due to the lack of resources that existed at that time. But there was the willingness to carry out a mission and look to the future with hope. That is why this school has always been characterized by being pro-student and pro-family”stated the Monsignor Cummings, director of the academic institution. “From the beginning, that has been our vocational and training style, being an evangelizing Catholic institution, with academic excellence in style, which has been able to be inclusive of so many students, of the thousands who have passed and today remains stable, it maintains a very high academic quality”.

For the assistant director, this quality in teaching allows students to leave their classrooms as prepared as possible to face their future professions. “The students leave highly prepared in the academic area, ready for any university, both in Puerto Rico and abroad. This is why, for many years, the Academy has remained among the top three schools with the highest averages in standardized tests in all of Puerto Rico,” Collazo explained.

An example of the family atmosphere that permeates Perpetuo Socorro and the great tools that they offer their students is the fact that several generations of families have studied there. “Another of the keys to the success that the school has had was how it joined the academic with a religious formation, where the Redemptorist fathers, led by Father William McCarthy, together with the sisters of Notre Dame, made a union between what was the evangelizing part, with the academic partVelez added. “That was something positive at that time, which has been carried from generation to generation. In fact, right now in fourth grade we have a girl graduating from the Academy, just like her mom did, her grandfather did, and her great-grandfather did.”

Those people who still do not have their tickets for the gala, can call 787-721-4540 (Glorimar Serra) to purchase them.

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