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Abraham Velázquez and Bethliza Cintrón reveal the key to a “Forever Love”

Exactly 25 years ago that the pastors and singers Abraham Velazquez and Bethliza Cintron They agreed that God would be the center and foundation of their family. This, as they revealed, has been the formula behind their “Love Forever” (“Love Forever”), as the musical show that will take them to the Caguas Fine Arts Center next Saturday, February 18.

In this line, the interpreters and parents of three children -Miguel, Moi and Deborah- have walked hand in hand, one next to the other, convinced that they are not a perfect marriage. However, both are very aware of the points that must be met for the union to work.

As a gift for him Day of love and Friendship, the couple of ministers wanted to share with the readers of The new day part of your faith routine. These are some of the activities that they usually do together and that, in some way, bring them closer as a couple to God and his life purpose.

“Well look, we’re going to start with, really, and I’m going to tell you with all sincerity, but we cultivate our relationship with God together. We do it separately, but we don’t lose that we pray together, we read the Bible together… It’s true that I understand one thing and she understands another because we’re different, but that’s something very nice of us and we stick to everything which is spiritual,” Velázquez began as Cintrón affirmed each word.

Who began his career in 1993 with his brother David, added that it is not just about going to church together on service days. You also have to be sensitive and detailed with the other.

“We, there are days, for example, on Fridays, we go to jangueo, to eat, our jangueo is to eat. We go out and walk around. In other words, we do not compromise that time to be together ”, added the 46-year-old pastor.

Before commenting on the biggest challenge that marriages currently face, Velázquez externalized a request that he has with his wife. Although he described it as a “strong” thought, it is a reflection of the great love that unites them.

“We have always asked God that the day he decides to take us, that he take us together, reach that degree. Our children are already grown up and fulfilled”, continuous.

Marriage faces many challenges, according to the pastor. Likewise, she pointed out that the biggest enemy of couples is the lack of commitment.

“But, as my husband said, when we know that we have a marriage that God is the foundation, that there is a purpose, that we can communicate, then you value this so strongly that you don’t really take reference from the world, but you take the reference that God gives you in his Word”, he argued.

Boricuas have not only used all these tools to help their blood family move forward, but they have also been fundamental in taking the reins of the Casa de Pan congregation, in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s a slightly more complicated family. But, the truth is that we have been shepherding for seven years and we thank God because he has given us a beautiful family. I am happy and the truth is that it is a very nice stage. We have grown a lot within the shepherding, I know it is my assignment”, said Velázquez proudly.

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