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About Rubiales’ kiss to Hermoso

The other day, as soon as it became known that the civil guard had concluded in its report that with Negreira the arbitration in Spain had not been impartial, I said the following on Twitter, now X: “But, nevertheless, the important thing is the piquito”, a comment that helped me to get a kind tweeter (or equisera, I don’t know how to say it now) to call me “dinosaur”. I immediately deleted the comment, not because anyone might think that I am not a man belonging to this century but rather one from the 15th century Before Jesus Christ, but because it was not well explained. And here I am, to try to explain well what I did not reason correctly through the asocial networks.

The first thing I want to record again is that Rubiales’ kiss to Hermoso seemed tawdry and out of place. I wouldn’t have done it, honestly, I don’t go around kissing every woman on the lips, but Luis Rubiales He did it because Rubiales is like that and his presidency has also been like that. Because Rubiales is like that, it was why he took the Spanish Super Cup to Arabia; Because Rubiales is like that, he negotiated privately with the company of an active footballer, Gerard Piqué, how much each team had to charge and the culé footballer’s commission; because Rubiales is like that, he recorded members of the Government… Luis Rubiales was always like that, from the first minute, and everyone, from the connected guy to the humiliated president of the territorial government, including secretaries of State, ministers and president of the Government, looked the other way . And because? Well, because he was one of their own, he was from the PSOE. They put up with his extravagant ways of acting because he was a socialist and not because he was a management model, and only a few of us stood up to them, as almost always alone. Because it must also be said that, except for EsRadio, Libertad Digital and two or three more, the mainstream media also treated Rubiales like he was one of their own. They offered it to me and I said no. They suggested that by taking my foot off the accelerator a little I could sit at the right hand of Father Rubiales again and I replied that I was not interested. The cost for me, I must admit, was zero because I am immensely lucky to work in a house that is absolutely free, but for others it must have been more difficult and they compromised. There was nothing heroic in my decision, here we are specialists in saying “not around here”.

All this to say that you can’t come to me now and tell me what Rubiales is like because I knew it from the first moment. And the culmination of a presidency as strident as his was, without a doubt, the kiss (the little piquito) to Hermoso. It was a regrettable, unseemly act that left the other, more rude gesture in the background, placing his hands on his scrotum in front of none other than the Queen of Spain, but, to be honest, and look what I did I’ve seen the scene a thousand times, I didn’t see that it was a non-consensual kiss. I know, I know, what matters is the gesture. Even a dinosaur like me is able to distinguish that. But I want it to be stated that I do not see anything forced in that action, and to such an extent it was not that Hermoso joked because he did not feel it that way, his colleagues joked and the journalism joked… until the so-called feminist lobby came into action. , which rots absolutely everything it touches.

I don’t know if before or after the kiss it was known that a sexual offender benefiting from the yes is yes law had tried to rape a woman in Dos Hermanas: Resignations? Not father. I don’t know if before or a little later it became known that the Supreme Court had been forced to reduce by one year the sentence of an individual who had abused a 12-year-old girl: Resign? Is it the name of some Greek poet? I think that a little after Rubiales kissed Hermoso, the reduced sentence of two individuals who had kidnapped and repeatedly raped a caregiver was leaked: Where was Megan Rapinoe? The lobby is so fierce, it is so fascist, that if you don’t say what it wants, when it wants and in the way it wants, you immediately become a dangerous sexist. And there are those who are terrified, for example Santiago Segura, who had to delete a tweet, but that is not my case: I am not afraid of you, so you can call me whatever you want.

Once the gears of the Stalinist machinery are set in motion, the one that rewarded a child for denouncing her father for being uncommunist, everything, even saying nothing, can be considered sexist. I even saw a fool on TV at three o’clock and also a while later saying that not following women’s football was a sign of micro-machismo. At what point did we become a macro asshole society? And then the most absurd and bizarre race in history began, one not to be left behind in denouncing the piquito, lest someone interpret it as machismo. And the sports minister who has been in profile since the first day it exploded came out the Negreira case. And the former president of the Higher Sports Council came out, whom Sánchez put there for having written the Resistance Manual. And FIFA came out, which sold the World Cup to Qatar, a country in which women are treated as second-tier human beings. And the French Sports Minister came out, unable to organize a Champions League final without the fans feeling violated and the fans having a real fear of being raped.

And the humiliated territorial president came out: they humiliated you because you consented, crack, to have put your pants on that day. And the UN came out: what is the UN for, does anyone know? The UN has Russia and China among its five permanent members of the Security Council and, therefore, with veto power. Xi Jinping and Putin running the show. And the guy came out plugged in: Juan, why didn’t you resign after Salobreña? Because, according to you, you told your nephew that he had gone crazy because there were 18-year-old girls there, but no matter how much I read, I don’t see the part where you told him “and therefore resign and I’m leaving.” AND De la Fuente came out to say that he did not share Rubiales’ values: You didn’t share the values ​​but it’s good that you applauded, champion, that seemed like the Politburo. By the way, you admitted to having made an unforgivable mistake, right? Well, dear Luis, if it is unforgivable… to the street. The rest is bye-bye. And, in the heat of the World Cup gold, some of the fifteen blackmailers also came out suggesting that they had already said it, that they had already denounced it, that they had already put the situation to rest… What situation? No, no, blackmailers, nothing of that: you and your spokespersons asked for Vilda’s head because she was a disaster, and, without you, Vilda won the World Cup. Rubiales’ kiss was great for you to recreate your own existential story.

All this is already in Gila. Don Miguel told that one day he was walking down the street and saw how three individuals were beating up another, very short, who was on the ground: “Am I involved or not?” Gila said. “Should I get involved or not? And in the end I got involved… And we put him among the four! I know, and first hand, that Rubiales plans to fight. I think he’s wrong, but he plans to fight. I It seems that what he is actually saying to his PSOE is something like “you, who have let a thousand rapists go free without even asking for forgiveness, do you want to make me out to be the new Monsieur Verdoux?” Is the kiss resignation? It is. Is the gesture of resignation of Hueviales, as Federico calls him? It is. But Rubiales should have been gone a long time ago but, while he was in charge, the uncle was hooked, the president was humiliated, the amanuensis was the secretary of state, FIFA sold World Cups, the useless UN, the Government of the even more useless Macron, the biblical minister, the baseball coach and the vast majority of the media thanked him. The only one who can look Rubiales directly in the eye is Ana Muñoz, who said “enough, stay there.” And, by the way, also those of us who said “enough, stay there” years ago. Now Luis Rubiales is a sports dead man. It’s no longer worth it. Now it’s not interesting. All this, before, when I decided. Now is late. Now the cardboard is transparent.

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