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A Ukrainian girl performed a Frozen theme in a bunker that moved even ‘Elsa’ herself

Torn from their games, their homes, their schools and even their own families at ages when they do not fully understand what is happening, children are the most tragic faces in any war.

But they are also the ones who become a shelter from the horror, with their smiles and innocence amid so much darkness. For many Ukrainian refugees fleeing the bombs, that breath of fresh air came from a little girl who sang one of her favorite Disney songs in a shelter.

A moment that, due to the spread of social networks, became viral and gave everyone a break.

The video was posted by Indian journalist Ankita Jain, and shows several Ukrainian refugee families in the room of what appears to be a bomb shelter.

At that moment, a little girl begins to sing loudly ‘Free I am’, the main song of the Frozen soundtrackthe Disney movie that tells the story of princesses Elsa and Anna.

Little by little the voice of the little girl begins to gain the attention of all those present. They are tired faces, of adults, children and the elderly. Meanwhile, a cell phone recorded her to upload to social networks, the last refuge to transmit what happens in the field, in the midst of the tragedy and the iron fence of information that rises about the conflict zone.

“A little girl in a shelter,” Jain tweeted. And what happened was huge. Almost six million views in just over a day and a global reach.

so big, that It even reached Elsa herself. Idina Menzel, the American actress who voices the Disney character in the film, shared the tweet with a message of optimism.

“We see you. Really, we are seeing you,” Menzel tweeted, citing the video.

Users quickly began to ask for the girl, hoping that at some point she could escape and sing a duet with the real Elsa.

So viral was the tweet that it was quoted by Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Moscow. Wonderful!, he wrote, while sharing one more piece of information that serves to gauge the horror of this war: the little girl is singing in Russian. So close are the countries, today so far apart.

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